How To Determine Which Industry Certifications Are Most Valuable?


Industry certifications are designed for professionals to help them earn higher packages and seek bigger career opportunities. In view of the myriad certifications that pop up every now and then, it appears that every technology manager or software developer in the IT universe has one or the other certification. However, it is imperative to find out which certifications will be valuable for the progressive IT and digital technology managers at present. Basically, a certification program focuses on making a person aware of the facts and functioning of a certain product including its real benefits and issues that can be resolved by implementing that product. Different companies offer multiple certification programs in order to engage a person and turn him into a loyal and dedicated user while the companies try to instil a feeling of satisfaction and success during the learning process.

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In an industry as fast-paced as tech, IT professionals require constant training in order to remain relevant. If you're keen on staying competitive in this field, you can sharpen up your skills with the Complete Cisco Network Certification Training Bundle, marked down to just $59 for a limited time. This package represents a practical way to learn vital IT skills that are in demand right now. It includes nine courses that'll introduce you to networking fundamentals and get you acquainted with several key operations. You'll then be able to apply your knowledge to earn industry respected Cisco certifications that prove your expertise.

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When it comes to climbing the IT career ladder, few things matter more than having the right certifications under your belt. CompTIA is a leading provider of IT certifications for a host of disciplines, and having one can dramatically fast-track your career path. The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle can prepare you to ace a host of certification exams in several fields, including cloud computing, networking, and network security, and it's on sale for over 90% off the usual price. Featuring more than 140 hours of training spread across 14 courses, this collection will help you foster knowledge in the concepts and ideas you're likely to be tested on during several CompTIA exams, including the CompTIA A, Cloud, and Security exams. From delivering cloud infrastructures to managing IT projects, you'll develop a wide range of skills that will take you far in whichever IT path you choose, and with lifetime access, you can work through each course on your own time and at the pace that's right for you.

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An increasing number of businesses are adopting IT infrastructures to support their networking and security, making the job market for IT professionals more attractive than ever. There are dozens of IT certification vendors that specialize in their specific IT solutions, but few carry the weight that Cisco does. With this $39 Cisco Networking & Cloud Computing Certification Bundle, you can expand your knowledge of Cisco's tools, prep to certify your training, and ultimately impress on the job hunt. This bundle features courses dedicated to preparing for Cisco's CCNA Routing And Switching Certification exams: ICND1 100-105 and ICND2 200-105. These serve as an introduction to IT principles and cover topics, such as how to configure networking hardware like routers and switches, as well as TCP/IP protocols.

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Do you tinker with motherboards in your free time? Transform a side hustle into your day job with the Ultimate CompTIA Certification Bundle, currently marked down to $49. Beyond hardware and securing an organization's IT infrastructure, these courses will set you up to pass the top eight CompTIA certification exams in the industry, from Linux and Project to Healthcare IT technician certification and Cloud . So you'll become proficient in anything from IT-specific medical business operations to network administration and cloud management. And you can even become a certified project manager--a valuable skill set regardless of your field.