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Facebook now lets you transfer posts to Google Docs and Wordpress


Facebook's data transfer tool now helps you share your posts, not just the media attached to them. The social network has expanded the tool to let you export notes and posts to Google Docs, Blogger and Wordpress. If you have a thoughtful essay you shared on Facebook, you can put it on another website (or just save it for posterity) with relatively little trouble. As before, Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password and encrypt the content during the data process to keep it secure. You can find the utility in your settings through "Your Facebook Information."

Facebook launches a new tool that lets users transfer image to Google Photos

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Do you have thousands of photos uploaded to Facebook that you'd like to move onto another app or website? Now the social media company will let you do just that. The new image transfer tool will let users copy all their photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos, and eventually other social networking sites. It was built as part of the open-source Data Transfer Project - a technology partnership between major social networking and digital companies designed to make information hosted on one social media service available on other services. The new Facebook tool will only be available in Ireland initially, but will be rolled out worldwide in 2020.

Facebook tool that transfers user data to Google launches in the UK

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Facebook users in the UK can now move all their photos and videos stored on the social media site to Google. The data transfer tool, which was launched in Ireland last year, means Facebook users can move their media directly to Google Photos with just a few clicks. It also gives people who are ditching the social media site another option to keep hold of the memories that have been uploaded to the site over the years. The new feature has been built as part of the open-source Data Transfer Project – a partnership between major tech companies that makes information hosted on one social media service available on other services. It also supports the right to data portability, as stipulated in new digital privacy laws introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules in 2018.

Instagram to roll out tool that lets users download all their data

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Facebook's massive privacy scandal has highlighted the importance of user data protection and privacy. Now it seems Instagram is taking some new steps to give users more control over their data on the app. The Facebook-owned social media platform says it will soon allow users to download a copy of all the content they've uploaded on the platform. That includes data like photos and videos, according to TechCrunch. Until now, Instagram has lacked a data portability tool and users don't have the option of saving their photos after they've already been posted to the app.

Facebook lets users transfer photos and videos to Dropbox


If you're looking to export photos or videos from your Facebook account, you now have more options. Beginning today, Facebook is allowing users to export those files to Dropbox and the EU startup Koofr, as well as Google Photos. Facebook users worldwide have been able to transfer photos to Google Photos since June. These changes are part of a larger Data Transfer Project, which aims to make it easier for users to download and transfer data between Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. The goal, at least partially, is to keep regulators happy.