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CLARIN Seminar on Speech and Language Technology Tools, Szeged 2018


The seminar on Speech and Language Technology Tools is organized by HunCLARIN, Juhász Gyula Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Szeged and the Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language. The aim of the seminar is to provide researchers, teachers and students working in the humanities and social sciences a broad view of the corpora and state-of-the-art software in speech and language processing developed for Hungarian, mostly as part of the activities of HunCLARIN. This seminar is supported by CLARIN ERIC. The seminar took place at the Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education, University of Szeged, Hungary on Friday, 19 October, 2018.

Theory of Machine Learning summer seminar


I would like to relay Rediet Abebe's call to support local organizations. As Rediet says "These problems have been and will be here for a very long time. For the last year, I have been co organizing a theory of machine learning seminar at Harvard. Following the format of our prior Harvard/MSR/MIT theory reading group, these have been extended blackboard talks with plenty of audience interaction. Following COVID-19, the last three talks in the semester (by Moritz Hardt, Zico Kolter, and Anima Anandkumar) were given virtually.

Okinawa women pack self-defense seminar following murder of 20-year-old local woman

The Japan Times

Hosted by Uruma Police Station, as many as 150 women took part in Monday's seminar, which is traditionally held at the beginning of summer, a time when sex crimes peak. The murder of Rina Shimabukuro, 20, late last month prompted many first-timers to show up at this year's event. "I could have been the one who was assaulted," said Yumeka Nagamine, 21, a local office worker, referring to alleged reports that Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, the suspect who is also a former marine, had driven around for several hours looking for a victim. Shimabukuro was reportedly attacked just before arriving home after a walk. Nagamine said she had been approached by U.S. soldiers in the past when walking past Kadena Air Base.

New analytics training seminar to launch this month


The Masters Series is specialised training for analytics professionals who are looking for an intensive, hands-on introduction to an area.