Facebook Q&A: Trump and the far right in Europe

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera goes to the Front Line Club to discuss the rise of the far right in Europe. Laurence Lee, Sanjiev Johal and Zoe Williams discuss the actual state of the European Union and analyse how far-right movements are challenging the liberal ideals of the European integrationist project. We also visit the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to discuss Donald Trump, race and the myth of the American Dream. Richard Gizbert, Sanjiev Johal and Michael McQuarrie discuss the changes and shifts in modern America.

Agile Testing Days


This keynote will highlight common myths surrounding AI, how it is affecting human life and software, discuss "Deeply Inclusive AI" and future of humans in an AI world. We live in a golden age where technology influences every facet of our daily lives. This is especially true with the coming of "Artificial Intelligence" (AI). AI is everywhere – from virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri to aiding the creation of new disruptive technology like autonomous cars, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Areas of healthcare, finance, retail, customer analytics and manufacturing have already started seeing positive effects of using AI, many of which we would have never thought is possible just a few years ago.

Abe calls for constitutional amendments proposals to be debated in Diet

The Japan Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday demanded that the Diet discuss his Liberal Democratic Party's proposals for constitutional amendments. The LDP's proposals include defining the roles of the Self-Defense Forces in the Constitution's war-renouncing Article 9. Political parties should put forward their own proposals for constitutional amendments and discuss them, said Abe, who is also LDP president, during a televised debate among party leaders. "A final decision (on whether to amend the Constitution) will be made by the people," he said. The TV debate came ahead of the July 21 election for the House of Councilors. Abe said the election will test each party's ability to fulfill its duties in discussing constitutional amendments.

Strategies for Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of your Quality Management System - 2 day In person Seminar


This two-day seminar will cover the essentials of an effective yet efficient Quality management system for medical device companies. An efficient and effective Quality System can be a competitive advantage for companies by leading to improved Quality and compliance as well as optimizing the cost of Quality. This seminar will get you started in setting up just such a Quality System. We'll discuss the "case for Quality" and how you can use compliance, not as an end itself, but as a means to improved Quality and reduced cost of non-compliance. This seminar will help you understand regulatory requirements and how to translate them into a Quality System that is both effective and efficient.