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Hydraulic Press Gets Schooled By A Dictionary

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You'd think he'd have learned after the paper exploded. But the guy behind the popular Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube, Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta, decided to put paper products to the test again and crush a dictionary. At one point, after the dust clears he laughs ruefully and says he didn't connect his glass shield to the frame of the press because "I didn't think the book is very dangerous." In a game of Rock, Paper, Hydraulic Press, we'll choose paper every time. Sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter and never miss an update!

Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush Dynamite

Popular Science

An explosive combination you'd be hard-pressed to beat Hydraulic Press Channel goes after everyone's favorite explosive: dynamite. Dynamite is one of those things you feel the need to be extra delicate with, so of course the folks at Hydraulic Press Channel wanted to see what happens if you put it under a press and crank it. Apparently there's such a thing as a portable hydraulic press, and our heroes and their Youtube channel took one out into a field and put a couple of sticks of dynamite to the press test. The good news: dynamite is a little more crush-resistant than you might have expected. But don't worry: the video still delivers on your desperate need to see an explosion.

Hydraulic press meets its match against a Finnish-English dictionary


The Internet enjoys watching things get destroyed, but what happens when a hydraulic press finds a worthy opponent? Unlike a more obvious candidate like a Nokia phone (which tragically didn't stand a chance), a hefty Finnish to English dictionary refused to go gentle into that good night. The dictionary does end up with some battle scars, but it takes the camera and nearly the hydraulic press itself down with it. You fought well, Finnish dictionary. Mom completely loses it when she finds out she'll be a grandmother Senator rallies support for Clinton by awkwardly crooning'She Works Hard for the Money'

A Hydraulic Press Makes Film Cameras More Compact

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Here's a math problem: If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a camera can take thousands of pictures, and a hydraulic press can shatter a camera into a thousand pieces...oh, just watch the video already. Not content with paper, books, other hydraulic presses, or even diamonds, Lauri Vuohensilta of the Hydraulic Press Channel has decided to target cameras. In his latest video, Vuohensilta sends photography nerds into agony by crushing two old film cameras in a hydraulic press. Neither Nikon nor Canon is spared. Nor is a lone, unfortunate lens, which leaves the world with a last, explosive protest against the injustice being done to it.

Hydraulic press celebrates Easter by destroying everything about it


Be careful delivering baskets to anyone with a hydraulic press. The giggling duo behind The Hydraulic Press Channel delivers an Easter special, crushing a basket with eggs, a chocolate bunny and a chocolate egg with a little surprise inside. Get an early look at deleted scenes from'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Want to educate women about Dragonball Z?