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Dr. Phil Interview of Face-Biting Suspect to Be Released

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Florida prosecutors are expected to release Tuesday copies of an interview McGraw had with Austin Harrouff last fall for his "Dr. Phil" show just before the Florida State University student was released from the hospital and arrested.

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Udacity and Google launch free career courses for interview prep, resume writing and more


Udacity today announced a new partnership with Google that will make a number of career courses freely available to recent graduates and mid-career professionals. The free career courses, which mark a first for Udacity, will focus on helping employees improve their chances of getting a job, no matter whether that's a first job or we are talking about a mid-career course change. The two companies trialed this approach with the "Networking for Career Success" course, which launched in March. At the time, they made that course available to 60,000 Grow with Google scholars and it's now part of the 12 courses Udacity and Google are launching together. The new courses cover a wide swath of topics that range from helping you refresh your resume and write a cover letter to giving you tips for optimizing your GitHub profile and strengthening your LinkedIn Network.

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