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Interested in Machine Learning? – Udacity Inc – Medium


Then we invite you to check out this very friendly introduction we made at Udacity! There are actually 19 videos included in this playlist, covering topics like Linear Regression, Neural Networks, Hierarchical Clustering, and more. Really got the Machine Learning fever? Then consider enrolling in our Machine Learning Nanodegree program. It's the best way to learn everything you need to know to become a successful Machine Learning Engineer!

Python Machine Learning Projects - Udemy


Machine learning gives you unimaginably powerful insights into data. Today, implementations of machine learning have been adopted throughout Industry and its concepts are numerous. This video is a unique blend of projects that teach you what Machine Learning is all about and how you can implement machine learning concepts in practice. Six different independent projects will help you master machine learning in Python. The video will cover concepts such as classification, regression, clustering, and more, all the while working with different kinds of databases.

This Week in Machine Learning, 10 July 2017 – Udacity Inc – Medium


Machine Learning is one of the most exciting fields in the world. Every week we discover something new, something amazing, something revolutionary. That's why we created This Week in Machine Learning! Each week we publish a curated list of Machine Learning stories as a resource to help you keep pace with all these exciting developments. New posts will be published here first, and previous posts are archived on the Udacity blog.

LEARNING PATH: MATLAB: Powerful Machine Learning with MATLAB


How do you deal with data that's messy, incomplete, or in varied formats? How do you choose the right model for the data? The solution to these questions is MATLAB. MATLAB is the language of choice for many researchers and mathematics experts when it comes to machine learning. Engineers and data scientists work with large amounts of data in a variety of formats such as sensor, image, video, telemetry, databases, and much more.

Learn The Keys To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine


How long should your video be? The content is absolutely vital here as you have only 20 seconds to make a first impression. What should my video be about? Don't fall into the trap of just doing a video that says what your business does! This will really let your customers down and it won't help your business.