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'Deathloop' is my perfect video game: A bloody puzzle you have to solve, not beat.


During my heady sprint through Deathloop's wild story, I gushed about it to a friend in the know and he said something that stuck with me: It's a video game escape room. Yes, your goal is escape. But the time crunch that creates tension in your typical escape room doesn't work in quite the same way here. Deathloop joins a growing genre of time-loop games with a story built around a day that's on an eternal 24-hour loop. But you're never really pitted against a timer here.

The top video games of 2021: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, NHL 22, Super Mario 3D World

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Video games make for great stocking stuffers for kids and kids at heart. But with so many console and computer titles to choose from, shopping for a gamer can be an overwhelming endeavor. After all, no one wants to gift a dud that will quickly become a drink coaster or shiny Christmas ornament. If you're looking for some suggestions, the following are a handful of recommended gaming picks – a very subjective look at some of 2021's best – divided into various age groups. Prices are $60 unless otherwise specified.

Bafta Games Awards 2022: It Takes Two and Returnal lead nominations

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Innovative science-fiction shooter Returnal and creative co-operative platform game It Takes Two lead the nominations for Bafta's 2022 Games Awards, with eight nominations each in categories from best animation to best game. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, a flagship PlayStation 5 game from last summer, is in the running for seven awards, while driving-tourism racer Forza Horizon 5 and surreal psychological adventure Psychonauts 2 have six nominations each. In total, 39 games have been nominated across the awards' 16 categories, celebrating excellence in everything from sound design and animation to narrative. The "evolving game" category is for games released before 2021 that have seen significant improvements and updates during the past year; the nominees include multiplayer shooter Apex Legends and Nintendo's smash hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The "game beyond entertainment" award honours games that have a social, political, educational or environmental message, such as the cute conservation game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Deathloop review – chaos on repeat

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If you didn't think you needed a hyper-violent interactive version of Groundhog Day directed by John Woo in his prime, with sets stolen from the Moulin Rouge, you clearly haven't played Deathloop. This is an unapologetically breathless, adrenaline-drenched time-loop shooter from Arkane Studios, makers of Dishonored and Prey, and it gives players immense freedom to explore, combine weapons and powers such as telekinesis, and blast the crap out of things. Set on a strange island named Blackreef, where a space-time fissure has caused the same day to continually reset, Deathloop pits wisecracking assassin Colt Vahn against Julianna Blake, the head of a secret organisation that has taken advantage of the chronological anomaly to build a weird, hedonistic utopia. Colt wants to shut the loop down by assassinating all of Blackreef's eight leaders in one day; Julianna wants to stop him. For the player, this means reliving the same 12-hour period over and over, getting ever more familiar with the island's inhabitants and buried secrets.

Engadget's favorite games of 2021


This pandemic has dragged on longer than expected but hey, another 12 months in lockdown means another year to play lots of video games. And what a year it's been, with new installments in storied franchises, remakes of forgotten classics and a game where you date your sword. As is tradition, the Engadget team gathered together to ruminate on their favorite titles released this year, extolling their virtues and sometimes drawbacks, but mostly explaining why we like them so much. We've also thrown in a few of our older faves that we played in 2021, because hey, a good game is always a good game. When people look back at Microsoft's 2021, they'll cite Halo: Infinite and the extra year the company gave 343 Industries to work on the game as one of its best recent decisions. But I think the company also deserves praise for taking a chance on Relic and Age of Empires IV. Coming off the dismal Dawn of War III, fans had every right to be skeptical of whether the studio could pull off a sequel to one of the most-loved real-time strategy games in history.