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The Forrester Readiness Index Highlights Countries Ripe For Digital Marketing Investment


Marketers should take a closer at how their digital advertising budgets are allocated globally. While a huge market such as China deserves marketers' attention because of its size, our analysis shows that the Chinese digital advertising market is becoming saturated. Forrester calculates each country's digital marketing readiness score by measuring the digital engagement and savviness of a country's consumers and businesses. In China, the share of advertising allocated to digital is higher than what our Forrester Readiness Index (FRI) model predicts based on the country's digital marketing readiness score. Japan, on the other hand, appears to be a market that is under-indexed to digital advertising despite it being more economically mature than China.

The dirty secret of machine learning


"Too many businesses now are pitching AI almost as though it's batteries included. I think that's dangerous because it's going to potentially lead to over-investment in things that overpromise. Then when they under-deliver, it has a deflationary effect on people's attitudes toward the space. Not everything requires the latest whiz-bang technology. In fact, the dirty secret of machine learning--and, in a way, venture capital--is so many problems could be solved by just applying simple regression analysis.

Nebraska District Gets $6M Grant for College Readiness

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The Grand Island Independent reports that Grand Island Public Schools announced Monday that the district received the seven-year GEAR UP matching grant. The acronym stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

Germany Sees Continued Issues With Readiness of Submarines, Aircraft

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For instance, Germany had zero submarines that were ready for operations for five months in the first half of 2018, although three of its six submarines were now ready for action, the top uniformed officer in the German military told lawmakers in a letter accompanying the ministry's annual readiness report.

Global Cities' AI Readiness Index


Does the city demonstrate a good understanding of the potential opportunities and risks around technology disruption and does it have a systematic and integrated plan meeting the challenges? Does the city and its stakeholders have a demonstrated ability to carry out forward-looking plans, including the cross-stakeholder essential to governance? Does the city have existing assets that will act as enablers to support enacting its vision? For example, does the city have a reservoir of talent in colleges and universities, an educated workforce, high-quality STEM education in primary and tertiary education, a track record for innovation and attracting pioneering companies, and the necessary infrastructure? Is the city trending in the right direction?