Twitch extensions are live and ready to customize your page


Your favorite Twitch stream might look a bit busier and more colorful than usual now that the platform has switched on the extensions it announced at PAX West. Streamers can now customize their pages with interactive experiences they can display over their live videos, including Hearthstone match tickers, virtual pets, the channel's top cheerers, various overlays, live trackers, in-game statistics and the like. Some extensions like "Gear on Amazon" can help them earn affiliate money by giving them a way to display their favorite products on screen -- they don't even have to leave their dashboard to create their list. While the platform has a bunch of extensions streamers can use, they can also create their own plug-ins if they need something more personalized. Twitch is giving third-party developers access to free asset hosting and fanout messaging on its Extensions platform.

Twitch allows everyone to customize streams with multiple tools


Today the broadcasting service announced that now every user can turn on up to three different video overlays and a trio of below-player Extensions for their channel. It all sounds pretty easy to use, too. Just head over to the Extensions Manager on your channel dashboard and activate the six add-ons you want. To celebrate, there are even a handful of new Extensions available from developers, some explicitly made to be combined with one another. Amazon's billion-dollar baby first introduced Extensions in late 2017, and has since made them compatible with the Twitch mobile app.

Twitch brings polls, leaderboards and other Extensions to mobile


Since launching six months ago, Twitch Extensions have seen more than 1.5 billion interactions on desktop. From today, they're available on mobile, so viewers can enjoy leader boards, polls, match histories and more, wherever you watch your streams. Not every Extension is mobile-ready just yet -- it's up to developers to decide whether to make theirs mobile-compatible, but you can bet most of them will. However, some Extensions that are already good to go include all-in-one Streamlabs Loyalty, Music, Polls and Games, plus Schedule and World of Warcraft Armory. Make sure your Twitch app is at version 6.0 or higher to take advantage of the update.

Twitch partners with NBA's G League to livestream games


Twitch might be best known for video game live streaming, but the service is starting to eye other properties. Starting December 15th, Twitch will live stream NBA G League games at The service will broadcast up to six games per week, and they will be available to watch on demand after the live stream has concluded. It's the first time a major sports organization has partnered with Twitch to use its new live stream extensions.

Create Custom Extension To Bring Back 'www' in Google Chrome Browser


However, for all such users, there now exists a solution to bring back'www', simply create a custom extension. In 2018, Google first revealed its plans for the removal of secure indicators with the release of Chrome 69. Then, later that year, they further decided to entirely remove the'www' and'm' precursors as well from the URLs. Although, after receiving criticism on this decision, they temporarily brought back the feature in Chrome 69. Yet, they decided to ditch them with Chrome 70 whilst improving the procedure.