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Senior Software Engineer / Software Engineer – Machine Learning - MyTV Super Limited


Personalization, Targeted Advertising/Recommendation will be the key successful factors for the video platforms of next generation. Our Big Data development team is growing and we are looking for software engineers to help us to create exceptional personalized customer experiences by using a variety of Big Data technologies and solve different business problems.

Software Engineer (Java, Python, Machine Learning) job in Oxford Gumtree


We are looking for a Software Developer/Java Engineer (Java, Python, Machine Learning) to join our forward-thinking research led Machine Learning/Artificial startup. Based in central Oxford and a year old, we have been utilising the brightest academic minds in Machine Learning; researching different ideas in how Machine Learning can be applied to modern-day technology. We would like a Software Developer/Java Engineer in our business to shape our technology and processes as we get our first flagship product out to the world at huge scale. We are a team of just over twenty people, though we have just been given the green-light on a multi-million round of funding which will give us a runway of three years with forty people within the business. Once you are up to speed as a Software Developer/Java Engineer within our startup you will be growing your own team as we move forward in moulding our industry-leading Machine Learning research and patents into different products and tools.

Apple: Sr Software Engineer, Applied Machine Learning


Apple's Applied Machine Learning team has built systems for a number of large-scale data science applications. We work on many high-impact projects that serve various Apple lines of business. We use the latest in open source technology and as committers on some of these projects, we are pushing the envelope. Working with multiple lines of business we manage many streams of Apple-scale data. We bring it all together and unleash business value.

AI/Maching Learning Career Track: The Only AI Course to Offer a Guaranteed Job


The role of the machine learning engineer has changed. In the past, a machine learning engineer was a software engineer with some knowledge of machine learning concepts. Today, a machine machine learning engineer is a software engineer who not only understands the latest machine learning and deep learning concepts but is able to deploy an AI system in production that is highly reliable, fast and scalable. In this course, you'll learn how to scale up your application and deploy them into production. By the end of the course, you'll have designed an ML/DL system, built a prototype and deployed a running application that can be accessed via API or web service.

Beyond Python and R for Data Science -- Part 1


We all know that R and Python are both used for data science. Machine learning can be done with both. They are probably the two beginner's programming languages for your foray into data science. There are plenty of software engineers who are either transitioning into data science by becoming data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers, or they are working on AI software projects. If you are a programmer or a software engineer on this path, then this article is for you.