This country is developing its own sign language dictionary


"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." The Indian government has embarked upon one such kind -- and first-of-its-kind -- project. A 12-member team put together by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is coming out with an Indian Sign Language (ISL) dictionary, the Indian Express reports. Over 6,000 English and Hindi words -- of everyday usage, legal, medical, technical and academic terms -- have already been compiled for the dictionary slated to release in March. Researchers have identified 44 hand-shapes used in India under which each of the 6,000 words would be classified.

Giphy made 2,000 GIFs to help you learn sign language


A GIF can be more than a well-timed punchline for a tweet or group chat. Now, the looping clips can be used to teach people new languages. As Mashable reports, GIF provider Giphy has launched a new "channel" containing more than 2,000 educational sign language clips. They're all dead simple: just the hand movements and a text caption explaining what they mean. These bite-sized flash cards have been pulled from Sign With Robert, an instructional series for American Sign Language (different versions are used throughout the world).

Beijing's international fair gives importance to language China Christian Daily


The importance of language services and the Belt and Road Initiative are just two of the topics that would be discussed at the fourth China Beijing International Fair for Trade and Service that would happen in the latter half of the month. Organizers expressed that the forum on the importance of language services for Chinese companies to be able to join the Belt and Road initative and assist in their expansion is scheduled on May 31st. The forum will be hosted by the Translators Association of China and they expressed that they will introduce the challenges and reforms that can be done to bolster support for the global language services sector. There would also be a segment on the forum that would promote language sevice brands, projects and technologies for visitors to check out. The Translators Association of China also believe that the language service sector would assist both intellectual property and service outsourcing throughout the fair, schedules from May 28 to June 1st.

[In Depth] How sign languages evolve


Simi Etedgi is one of about 10,000 signers of Israeli Sign Language (ISL), a language that emerged only 80 years ago, but the signs used in the Morocco of her childhood are very different from those she uses now in Israel. In fact, younger signers of ISL have different ways to express many of the same meanings. A new study presented at the Evolution of Language meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, last month shows that the new generation has come up with richer, more grammatically complex utterances that use ever more parts of the body for different purposes. Most intriguing for linguists: These changes seem to happen in a predictable order from one generation to the next. That same order has been seen in young sign languages around the world, showing in visible fashion how linguistic complexity unfolds.

r/MachineLearning - [D] unusual language text clustering / classification


Briefing: What would be your approach to clustering similar text from unusual language. Details: I'm scraping a classified ads website trying to group similar ads(same product). The text has often misspelling, written in 2 languages (a bit of kind of 1ee7) and some text written phonetically in different alphabet (ex. Then how would you proceed to manage such an unpredictable input?