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"The only constant in life is change" How many times you have seen a movie or a show and think "This is the future of technology". Well it's not all future anymore, because the future is here! We are currently witnessing a technological revolution in all industry verticals and as one of the most agile industry, events business is one of them. To be on top of the game and facilitate business, events businesses have accommodated and incorporated the change. These are the certain trends that are coming and forward-looking events companies have started embracing them.

The future of conference: Will events remain virtual after lockdowns?

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Keith Townsend spent six weeks planning his first company conference. More than 200 people showed up to watch 25 expert speakers, but not a single hand was shaken or business card was given. As most of America continues to follow social distancing guidelines, trade events have have followed the path of work meetings and pivoted to virtual platforms. Townsend's company, The CTO Advisor, launched its IT-focused event through the virtual conferencing platform vFairs. On April 21, with a combination of pre-recorded and live content, over 280 people attended the company conference with the opportunity to direct message the expert speakers.

What sort of future does the conference industry have?

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"I'm devastated," says Mike Walker, managing director of MGN Events. The company went from generating millions of pounds in revenue to near zero in just weeks, because of lockdowns. "Over 10 years of hard work building the company up from nothing, reinvesting each year for growth, taken away cruelly in the space of a couple of weeks, with no clarity on when the industry can resume," Mr Walker says. Thousands of others in the events industry will be facing the same uncertainty. The pandemic has completely shattered a huge sector, and many businesses are struggling to survive.

BlueJeans Elevates Virtual Event Experience & Expands Audience Reach


BlueJeans by Verizon announced new partner integrations and feature enhancements to its BlueJeans Events interactive video live streaming platform to improve attendee recruitment, engage diverse audiences, and seamlessly follow-up post-event. By matching audience expectations for modern, virtual experiences and enabling event managers to more closely simulate on-site customer connections--including the ability to host up to 150 speakers and 50,000 attendees--BlueJeans Events empowers organizations and individuals to deliver multi-purpose digital events at scale. COVID-19 has reinforced the important role of virtual events beyond being primarily a means for marketers to promote products or extend live events to those unable to attend in person. Over the past three months, BlueJeans saw an 8x increase in Events usage as organizations have outgrown the limitations of traditional webinars and look for safe ways to bring together large groups of people and host customer, partner, and community events. In response to this record-breaking utilization, the latest enhancements to BlueJeans Events make it easier than ever to market and monetize virtual events, reach an ever-growing audience wherever they are, and ensure that attendees with hearing disabilities are able to join and participate.

Brightcove Partners with Cvent to Power the Future of Virtual Events


Partnership embeds Brightcove's video technology in Cvent's Virtual Attendee Hub to power virtual events of all sizes Brightcove Inc., the world's leading video technology platform, announced it is partnering with Cvent, the market-leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider, to offer its video solutions as part of Cvent's newly-launched Virtual Attendee Hub. Through this partnership, Cvent customers can now easily launch reliable, scalable, and broadcast-grade video experiences to their audiences. Most significantly, this partnership unifies the two leaders in the video and event spaces – two markets that have become essential to building the future's event industry. In a short amount of time, virtual events have become table stakes for businesses that need to connect with employees, customers, and prospects. Comprehensive event and video software is fundamental not only for tracking engagement but for delivering a fully branded experience that drives leads, inspires loyalty, and fuels business growth.