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The Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act: What You Need to Know


Recruiters beware and be prepared. New laws have recently come into effect policing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in video interviewing. Here's how they could affect your recruiting efforts. Technology helps recruiters collect, organize and store enormous amounts of information about job applicants all over the world. Workflow automation, the cloud and search functionalities are just some examples of software that make recruiters' lives easier.

How Artificial Intelligence Enhances HR - LineHire


Common knowledge might suggest that artificial intelligence would hinder a human resources department. How can a robot know if a potential candidate is personable or a good cultural fit? Can we trust a computer to make such critical decisions? The reality is artificial intelligence isn't meant to replace the function of HR, it is merely to enhance HR's capabilities. Computers aren't great at assessing a person but they are really good at doing certain narrowly defined tasks and can do these tasks a lot better than humans can.

AI removes human touch in hiring, increases workplace diversity


While workforce recruitment is generally considered a human resources task, artificial intelligence may be taking the human touch out of hiring. Try one month for $1! Try one month for $1! While workforce recruitment is generally considered a human resource responsibility, artificial intelligence may be taking the human touch out of hiring as more self-learning hiring programs hit the market. Utilizing data caches and algorithms, programs like Ansaro, SmoothHiring, Mya and Ideal claim to be able to identify top tier applicants from a pool without ever laying an eye on them. Instead, these systems amass resume, interview and experience to determine which applicants would be best suited for a position. While a recruiting team may spend days sifting through stacks of applications, AI hiring programs curate applicant pools, ensure position requirements are met and streamline applicants to the interview stage in a matter of minutes.

Report finds negative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on job seeking candidates and employer brands


Increased automation of the hiring process is seeing many organisations miss out on top talent at all levels of the organisation, according to new research published by global executive search firm Carmichael Fisher. Examining the use of AI in typical candidate selection processes, the report's aim was to identify the areas of hiring that were putting off candidates, as well as where technology could be better utilised. Authored by James Wright in association with the West East Institute (WEI), the findings of'The impact of artificial intelligence within the recruitment industry: defining a new way of recruiting' paper were presented recently at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston, USA which played host to the 2019 WEI International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Finance Key among them was that nine out of 10 job seekers reject the notion of artificial intelligence being used to parse CV's. Accordingly, 86 per cent of respondents would prefer their application to be reviewed by a human, rather than an applicant tracking system. Interestingly, most candidates said they would not want a business to make a hiring decision based on their CV alone.

The Role of Artificial intelligence in Hiring


The number one conversation in recruiting is the effect of Artificial intelligence on the recruitment process. As the CEO of a management recruitment firm, I am approached by an outside AI firm every few business days with an AI-based tool or resource that will dramatically support our recruiting effort and help my firm improve its productivity. The AI phenomenon has been ongoing for the past few years but has accelerated this past year rapidly. While we have implemented some Artificial intelligence in our process, we would be foolish not to; it is hardly a miracle cure as it has been touted. We are all fascinated by the idea that AI will change things.