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Japan electronics industry unions to seek pay-scale hikes of ¥1,000 or more

The Japan Times

Major electronics makers' labor unions will keep seeking monthly pay-scale hikes of at least ¥1,000 in the ongoing annual shuntō wage negotiations, according to industry sources. Most major Japanese companies are scheduled to give their replies to demands from their unions on Wednesday. Negotiations are likely to continue until the very last minute of the respective deadlines. The labor and management sides of electronics makers agreed monthly pay-scale increases in the past seven years. The Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Union, the umbrella body for labor unions of major electronics makers, decided at a central executive committee meeting Monday to go on strike unless all 13 key member unions win pay-scale hikes of ¥1,000 or more as they did the previous year.

Toyota's unions to demand ¥3,000 pay-scale hike in spring wage talks

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – The federation of labor unions in the Toyota Motor Corp. group on Saturday adopted a unified request for a monthly pay-scale hike of at least ¥3,000 in this year's shunto (spring wage negotiations) with management.

Japan union confederation to call for hikes in base pay

The Japan Times

Rikio Kozu, president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), has stressed that the labor side will push for hikes in regular monthly wages in this year's shunto annual wage negotiations. While Japan's biggest business lobby, the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), has said it will increase wages "on an annual basis," including bonuses, Rengo will focus on monthly wages, Kozu said in a recent interview, showing his resolve to achieve pay-scale increases for the fourth straight year. "Hikes in regular monthly wages should be taken as a must-do," Kozu said. To help escape deflation, Rengo believes pay gaps between large and small companies should continuously be narrowed through hikes in regular monthly wages, Kozu said. "Workers are more likely to spend money from pay-scale hikes than gains from bonuses," he said.

Japanese electronics makers agree on ¥1,000 pay-scale hike

The Japan Times

Six major Japanese electronics makers and their labor unions have effectively agreed on a pay-scale increase of ¥1,000 per month this year, sources said Saturday. In their shuntō spring wage negotiations, the labor unions are calling on the management side to increase the pay scale by at least ¥1,000 in order to avoid a strike. The management side is expected to accept the demand, the sources said. This marks the sixth straight year of pay scale increase by major electronics makers, though the pace of rise slows from last year's ¥1,500. In this year's talks, the labor side initially demanded an increase of ¥3,000 for the fourth consecutive year.

Toyota to offer smaller pay-scale hike of ¥1,300 amid tough environment

The Japan Times

Toyota Motor Corp. and its labor union effectively agreed Sunday on a pay scale hike of ¥1,300 per month in this year's shunto wage negotiations. The leading Japanese automaker, which is regarded as a pacesetter in shunto negotiations, will thus offer a base wage hike for the fourth straight year. But the size of increase will be smaller than last year's agreed level of ¥1,500. Toyota raised the monthly pay scale by ¥2,700 in 2014 and by ¥4,000 in 2015. Meanwhile, the firm will move up the planned expansion of family allowances, making overall wage growth bigger than last year, informed sources said.