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Amplero enlists machine learning to leverage influencer marketing


Influencer marketing tries to leverage a popular person's network of friends and followers. To do that with existing customers, optimization platform Amplero has announced an enhancement to its platform that employs machine learning to power influencer marketing for brands whose customers commonly form networks of users. Called Influencer Optimization, the new approach identifies users with substantial networks of contacts, and then uses machine intelligence to make the least offer that would generate the biggest ripple. Chief Product Officer Matt Fleckenstein outlined a possible use case for me.

What does artificial intelligence mean for marketing agencies? - Marketing Land


While the creative process itself is unlikely to be wholly automated by machines, many agencies are aware that some elements of their work might be overhauled or redefined by machine learning tools. In this article, we'll discuss what kind of marketing agency work might be augmented or automated by machines (including examples of startups working on these marketing applications already) -- and we'll explore what these marketing agency AI trends and examples might lead to over the next five years. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here.

How To: Power Marketing Attribution with Machine Learning


There is no magic bullet solution to marketing attribution, though employing machine learning techniques can significantly lower the time spent and deliver better results than traditional heuristic models.

AI Animates Marketing Returns


Known as The Computer Guy, Joseph Ngare once dreamed of being a sports commentator. Now his thoughts have turned to another sort of sport: artificial intelligence. He sees brands having a choice between embarking on a new era driven by AI or getting stuck in the past. Ngare contends that including artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategy means a higher return on investment. "Private-label competition is nothing new," Ngare said.

Machine Learning and AI Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018 Marketing Insider Group


From more sophisticated metrics to a next-generation customer experience, machine learning and artificial intelligence are raising the bar on what marketers can do to enhance customer relationships. While many marketing organizations are still struggling to make the jump from'doing digital' to'being digital,' some are getting ready to make a quantum leap with machine learning and AI.