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Building an engaging brand isn't easy; If it's been, more brands would be doing it. It takes a great brand strategy and an equivalently powerful plan to bring it live. Access to data and insights that are vital to versed decision-making and the proper mix of disciplines to fulfill business requirements while creating the top-of-the-line customer experience. It additionally requires a holistic approach, owned and shared media to create a completely integrated engagement plan.

Powerful Marketing & Sales Strategies for Executives


Top executives always keep their focus on the long-term perspectives in marketing and sales as it defines the company's expansion & success. A well-designed marketing & sales strategy should be your highest priority since it predetermines the way the company is going to develop and grow. Today's fast-evolving business environment makes this task particularly interesting and challenging. This Atton Institute course helps business owners, top managers, department heads, CEOs and other executives to build comprehensive strategies for Marketing & Sales growth. It explores the key elements that every leader must possess and covers the essentials of the modern business landscape and how to utilize the most efficient practices within your leadership & strategy execution.

Debenhams unveils turnaround strategy

BBC News

Department store group Debenhams has announced a turnaround strategy aimed at boosting its appeal as a "destination" shop and improving its online offering. The plan includes a review of up to 10 of its 165 UK stores for possible closure over the next five years. A central distribution warehouse and about 10 smaller warehouses could also close. Debenhams saw half-year pre-tax profits fall by 6.4% to £87.8m. Its shares fell by 3.5% following the announcement.

Rock, Paper, StarCraft: Strategy Selection in Real-Time Strategy Games

AAAI Conferences

The correct choice of strategy is crucial for a successful real-time strategy (RTS) game player. Generally speaking, a strategy determines the sequence of actions the player will take in order to defeat his/her opponents. In this paper we present a systematic study of strategy selection in the popular RTS game StarCraft. We treat the choice of strategy as a game itself and test several strategy selection techniques, including Nash Equilibrium and safe opponent exploitation. We adopt a subset of AIIDE 2015 StarCraft AI tournament bots as the available strategies and our results suggest that it is useful to deviate from Nash Equilibrium to exploit sub-optimal opponents on strategy selection, confirming insights from computer rock-paper-scissors tournaments.

Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit


The theory of punctuated equilibrium suggests evolution happens, not gradually and unnoticeably, but in short bursts with immediate and noticeable changes. Building applications has changed incrementally over the past 70 years: From Machine Code, to Assembly, to High-Level Languages. Each increment provided more productivity, automatic optimizations, abstraction, human readability, modularity, and security and reliability checks. Low-Code is the next evolutionary step that will undoubtedly change how we develop software. Come see the next burst in action - Low-Code development - and how it will change the industry forever.