ILP Applications and Datasets

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Each applications page contains a brief introduction to the application. This is followed by a more detailed account which describes how the examples being learnt from are represented using predicates. The page ends with links to our FTP site via which you can download the appropriate dataset. A few pages have datasets for both Golem and Progol; most, though, provide data for only one of these programs. The page also references the original papers for our experiments with the dataset, and points to LaTeX and PostScript README files which are similar in content to the page.

Kentucky State Fair to Begin Taking Job Applications

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A statement from the fair says officials will begin accepting applications on Monday for several positions during the 11-day event in Louisville, including admissions, operations and maintenance, groundskeepers and housekeeping. The statement said there are indoor and outdoor jobs available, as well as day and night shifts. Pay starts at $9 per hour and applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Build A Complete CRUD Application With PHP, MYSQL & JQUERY


Created by Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi 13.5 hours on-demand video Most applications are CRUD based, that is, users can create data, retrieve data, update and delete data from such applications. As an experienced or a new developer, knowing how these works is important. This course is a guide to showing you how CRUD applications are built with PHP/MYSQL.

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Building Mapping Applications with QGIS - Programmer Books


QGIS is one of the premier open source Geographical Information Systems. While developing Python geospatial applications can be challenging, QGIS simplifies the process by combining the necessary geoprocessing libraries with a sophisticated user interface, all of which can be directly controlled using Python code. Starting with an introduction to QGIS and how to use the built-in QGIS Python Console, we will teach you how to write Python code that makes use of the geospatial capabilities of QGIS. Building on this, you will ultimately learn how to create your own sophisticated standalone mapping applications built on top of QGIS. You will learn how to use the Python Console as a window into the QGIS programming environment, and then use that environment to create your own Python scripts and plugins to customize QGIS.