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The Top 10 Highest-Paying Big Data Careers


Big data's role in the global economy is transforming businesses and driving growth. By 2020, experts predict that there will be more than 2.7 million big data and analytics jobs open to qualified individuals--that's 400,000 more positions than there are today. This urgent need for skilled professionals is the primary reason that big data careers pay big money: These qualified professionals with specific skill sets and experience aren't easy to find. Salaries for big data careers are increasing just as quickly as the demand for skilled professionals. Many of these jobs report compensation well into the six-figure range and above market pay in order to compete in the talent war, according to research from IT jobs site Robert Half Technology (RHT).

Equal pay chatbot wants to help women 'make a sh*t ton of money'


If you're a woman who gets tongue-tied when asking for a raise -- or is too nervous to even bring up the subject with your boss -- it's time to meet this new equal pay chatbot. She's your new foul-mouthed best friend on Facebook who can quickly guide you through the practical and professional terrors of asking for more money. She does this exceptionally well because her persona is based on Cindy Gallop, the British advertising consultant and entrepreneur who swears like a sailor and is a pro at dishing out career advice, especially for women. Behold the chatbot's introduction: "Let me start by saying that talking about your salary may feel awkward. You ready to get the money you deserve?"

Toyota union to demand over ¥3,000 pay hike

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – The federation of labor unions at the Toyota Motor Corp. group said Friday it plans to demand a monthly base wage increase of ¥3,000 or more at this year's spring wage talks.

Abe urges Japan Inc. to hike pay-scales for fourth straight year

The Japan Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday asked business leaders to agree to pay hikes in next spring's shunto wage talks as the Japanese economy struggles to beat chronic deflation. It is the fourth straight year that Abe has made the request to company executives. Despite years of efforts under his Abenomics policy mix, Abe, who took office in 2012, has yet to fully create a virtuous cycle of wage growth and robust consumer spending in Japan. "I hope to see wage hikes that would be at least on a par with this year," Abe told a meeting held at the Prime Minister's Office in Tokyo attended by business leaders. "I'd like to ask for pay-scale increases," Abe said.

A quick guide to digital marketing careers - ClickZ


As we spend increasingly more time interacting with screens, marketers have reacted by shifting from traditional means of marketing to online resources. This shift has created digital marketing, which is the use of "digital tactics and channels" to connect with potential customers online. Within digital marketing, there are multiple subsections, including content marketing, social media marketing and e-mail marketing. Industry professionals with skills in digital marketing are in high demand. A survey conducted by LinkedIn reported a shortage of 230,000 people with marketing skills in the 20 largest metro areas polled.