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Barnes & Noble Reduces Staff After a Weak Holiday Season

U.S. News is winning over more people each year to its Prime membership program, at one point handing out trial memberships to 4 million people in one week. The Seattle-based Amazon has also opened more than a dozen physical bookstores so far.

Barnes & Noble hands off some tech services for Nook

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Book retailer Barnes & Noble is bringing in help to manage its struggling Nook reader in a cost-cutting move that will lay off 99 workers. The changes announced Thursday include turning over responsibility for some of the Nook's technology to a contractor, Bahwan CyberTek. The hand-off will allow Barnes & Noble to close offices in Santa Clara, California, and Taiwan. That will result in 80 workers losing their jobs in Silicon Valley and another 19 in Taiwan. New York-based Barnes & Noble Inc. expects to save about 13 million annually.

The Irony of Mueller-Report Profiteering

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When the Justice Department releases Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report this morning, it will be published on the Special Counsel's Office website. By federal law, it will be placed in the public domain. That means you'll be able to download the report for free to read on your computer or smartphone, to print out, or to email to your friends who don't know where to find it. "We've received strong demand from our customers for this report," Tim Mantel, the company's chief merchandising officer said in a statement, "and want to make it as easy as possible for them to access it for free as soon as possible." Barnes & Noble is also selling a print edition of the report, with an introduction by the famed constitutional-law expert Alan Dershowitz.

Noble xenon wears a crown


In chemistry, it means, comparatively speaking, being left alone. The noble gases react with very few other substances, although xenon in particular can bond to fluorine or oxygen before pushing them away--sometimes violently--to more receptive elements. Marczenko et al. now report that xenon can also wear a crown: more specifically a crown ether. As verified by x-ray crystallography, the crown clings electrostatically to XeO3 through five coordinated oxygens and diminishes the latter's shock sensitivity.

Ex-CEO Sues Barnes & Noble Over His Firing

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Parneros described a situation in his legal papers in which an executive assistant complained about comments Parneros had made in May 2018 in a conversation about a vacation in Canada as well as another conversation in which a discussion about height led him to stand back to back with her. Parneros said when he was initially approached by Riggio about these allegations, he denied making the comments he had been accused of making, as well as insisting there had been no improper touching.