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Thai protesters urge military rulers to give up power

FOX News

BANGKOK – About 200 anti-government protesters have rallied in the Thai capital, calling on the country's military rulers to give up power and hold elections they promised soon after staging a coup in 2014.

A US military robot ship has fired a large missile for the first time

New Scientist

The US Department of Defense has released footage of an uncrewed ship firing a large missile, in a demonstration of its Ghost Fleet Overlord programme, an initiative to develop robot vessels that can operate alongside crewed warships. Previous Ghost Fleet operations have focused on endurance missions without human assistance, including the first uncrewed transit of the Panama Canal, but the firing is the first indication that the vessels will be armed. The SM-6 weapon used in the demonstration is a 1500-kilogram missile travelling at Mach 3.5 with …

Sudan military: We have 'no ambition to hold the reins of power'

Al Jazeera

A day after removing President Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's military council has said that the army has "no ambition to hold the reins of power". Omar Zein al-Abideen, the head of military council's political committee, stressed on Friday that the military was "ready to step down as early as a month" to make way for a civilian-led government, but the main protest group "vehemently rejected" the proposal. In a statement, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) restated its demand for power to be handed immediately to "a transitional civilian government". "What happened was that the masks merely changed, it is the same regime that the people revolted against, seeking to remove it from its roots," said the SPA, which has spearheaded months-long anti-government protests. "We are still in the path of true revolution … our martyrs have shed their blood in pursuit for freedom and justice," it said.

InfoGAIL: Interpretable Imitation Learning from Visual Demonstrations

Neural Information Processing Systems

The goal of imitation learning is to mimic expert behavior without access to an explicit reward signal. Expert demonstrations provided by humans, however, often show significant variability due to latent factors that are typically not explicitly modeled. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm that can infer the latent structure of expert demonstrations in an unsupervised way. Our method, built on top of Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning, can not only imitate complex behaviors, but also learn interpretable and meaningful representations of complex behavioral data, including visual demonstrations. In the driving domain, we show that a model learned from human demonstrations is able to both accurately reproduce a variety of behaviors and accurately anticipate human actions using raw visual inputs.

Russian Military Army-2016 Expo: 10 Weapons Of War On Display At Annual Forum Near Moscow [PHOTOS]

International Business Times

From launching a yearlong anti-ISIS airstrike campaign in Syria to conducting naval exercises in the South China Sea this week, Russia's military might is showing no signs of slowing after its global expo promoting the country's brand new weapons of war concluded Sunday. The International Military-Technical Forum, an event held this past week near Moscow called "Army-2016," featured more than 11,000 pieces of modern military hardware to show "the maximum range of the export potential of Russian high-tech military products, represented in the form of natural samples on static display and in action on land, water and in the sky," the official website says. Some of the items on display included bombs, air defense systems and unmanned vehicles for both the air and ground that Sputnik News called robots. Below are photos and video of 10 key state-of-the-art weapons of war Russia had on display. The horwitzer armored truck that is also known as the "Phlox" comes with a powerful cannon mounted on top that has the ability to shoot with precision targets that are more than 6 miles away.