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Five Blockchain Projects Using Artificial Intelligence UseTheBitcoin


Along with the advent of blockchain, artificial intelligence is an innovation that could change the world. As cryptocurrencies have grown more popular in use and application, so too are the number of projects focused on fusing these two technologies together. This blockchain project has become known worldwide for creating the robot called Sophia, the first robot ever to have citizenship. Thanks to this, it's one of the most recognized and prominent projects when it comes to blockchain and AI. Singularity is a decentralized AI marketplace created for the development and funding of AI projects.

Next Steps In The Integration Of Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain


Having worked in the cryptography space for over two decades, and having been an active participant in the cryptocurrency evolution since its inception, I take a deep interest in the subject. In particular, I believe that the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain is an exciting but challenging new development. Matt Turck recently discussed why the topic matters and highlighted interesting projects in the space, referring to AI (big data, data science, machine learning) and blockchain (decentralized infrastructure) as the defining technologies of the next decade. Evidently, the time is already ripe for these new concepts, despite them being novel and still underdeveloped. Currently, AI startups are being overwhelmingly acquired by companies such as IBM, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Intel and Alibaba, among others.

DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNet Partner On Blockchain AI Crypto Briefing


If you've ever wondered how a benign calculating machine can produce a superintelligent cyborg with an Austrian accent, a new partnership may help fill in the blanks. SingularityNET, a decentralized AI marketplace for AI services, has just announced a partnership with DeepBrain Chain. Unlike Skynet, however, the new partnership aims to make the future "open and democratic" by allowing public access to artificial intelligence algorithms. "As concerns grow over AI algorithms clenched centrally in the hands of a few tech giants and world governments," the company said in a press release today, SingularityNET was building a "decentralized software network" of AI agents and human developers. SingularityNET, whose Ethereum-based AGI token is currently ranked 138 by market cap, describes itself as a "decentralized market of coordinated AI services."

AI Blockchain: A Peek into the Future


Nowadays two new technologies are roaring in the tech world – Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Both of these technologies have the potential to revolutionize the world. But the most discussed topic so far is that, whether these two can really be beneficial for each other. We already know that blockchain has the capability to offer a decentralized ledger system and many are already adopting the tech. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence also started to streamlining processes for our benefit. But can blockchain based AI be the next technological milestone? Well, let's see if blockchain is really capable of powering AI or not. Artificial Intelligent is the simulation of human-like intelligence through computer systems. Usually, these computer systems are programmed in a way to mimic human-like actions. Apparently, the process is utterly complex as human activities are complicated to simulate. But the primary ability of artificial intelligence would be too rationalize like humans and take actions based on intellectual thinking.

Five Benefits of Combining AI and Blockchain Intellias Blog


Merging two of the most hyped technologies sounds promising, doesn't it? But are there actual benefits of combining artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain? Will this combination be an efficient business decision or just an exciting experiment? Last year's hype over cryptocurrency made the blockchain a buzzword. But disruptors have been experimenting with the technology for several years already.