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Cisco, SingularityNET to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence via Blockchain - CoinDesk


Networking giant Cisco Systems selected the blockchain-based platform developed by SingularityNET to host its decentralized AGI project. Artificial General Intelligence is a branch of AI that focuses on a computer's ability to learn intellectual tasks. Whereas existing AI might learn to read characters on a page, for example, a true AGI system might intuit how to write the book. In a joint statement, Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET CEO, said, "The scale of the AGI deployments needed by a partner like Cisco is going to be tremendous, and we are working hard to make sure our AGI tools and our blockchain-based platform is up to the task." SingularityNET's platform democratizes AI by decentralizing its source, preventing any single force or player from hoarding computers' capacity to learn.

Cisco Partners With SingularityNET on Decentralized Artificial Intelligence


Decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET and tech conglomerate Cisco have partnered to develop applied artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies. AGI is one aspect of AI technology that concentrates on learning the intellectual tasks of which humans are capable. Sometimes referred to as "Strong AI," AGI emphasizes a machine's ability to reason in uncertain situations, solve puzzles, plan and communicate in natural language. Goertzel also said that the scale of Cisco's AGI deployments will be a major driver for the firm's development, stating: "The work we've done with Cisco on smart traffic analytics using OpenCog's logical reasoning and deep neural networks just scratches the surface. Let's just say we have some much broader and deeper conversations going on."

New collaboration paves the way for Artificial General Intelligence


The concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is able to carry out tasks and understand the world in the way that humans do has been around since 2005 when it was first mooted by Dr Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin in their book Artificial General Intelligence. A new collaboration between network specialist Cisco and AI company SingularityNET brings practical AGI a step closer, with a commitment to developing applied technologies and customer solutions. SingularityNET's AGI technologies include a custom version of the OpenCog AGI engine, along with a variety of unique deep neural net technologies for vision, language and other data types, and a decentralized blockchain-based platform suited for deployment of AI technologies across all markets. "These corporate investments into AGI are occurring not only out of a desire to spur rapid progress toward important research and humanitarian goals, but also because AGI capability is expected to provide tremendous commercial benefit to whomever develops it," says Dr Goertzel. "This benefit may initially take the form of a generation of'Narrow AGI' systems that infuse general intelligence into products in specific vertical markets like, say, advertising, medical research, computer networking or financial analytics."

Full-stack AI solution SingularityNET switches Ethereum for Cardano


Full-stack AI solution SingularityNET is switching the Ethereum blockchain for peer-reviewed rival Cardano. SingularityNET is a decentralised AI marketplace which has the ultimate goal of forming the basis for the emergence of the world's first true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). One of the brightest and most respected minds in AI leads the SingularityNET project, Dr Ben Goertzel. "Current speed and cost issues with the Ethereum blockchain have increased the urgency of exploring alternatives for SingluarityNET's blockchain underpinning," says Goertzel. "The ambitious Ethereum 2.0 design holds promise but the timing of rollout of different aspects of this next-generation Ethereum remains unclear, along with many of the practical particulars."

DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNet Partner On Blockchain AI Crypto Briefing


If you've ever wondered how a benign calculating machine can produce a superintelligent cyborg with an Austrian accent, a new partnership may help fill in the blanks. SingularityNET, a decentralized AI marketplace for AI services, has just announced a partnership with DeepBrain Chain. Unlike Skynet, however, the new partnership aims to make the future "open and democratic" by allowing public access to artificial intelligence algorithms. "As concerns grow over AI algorithms clenched centrally in the hands of a few tech giants and world governments," the company said in a press release today, SingularityNET was building a "decentralized software network" of AI agents and human developers. SingularityNET, whose Ethereum-based AGI token is currently ranked 138 by market cap, describes itself as a "decentralized market of coordinated AI services."