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6 Charts Breaking Down The Nascent Quantum Computing Startup Ecosystem


Quantum computing is an increasingly hot area for research and investment, with corporations like IBM, Google, Alibaba, Intel, and Lockheed Martin launching quantum computing projects aimed at bringing the technology -- meant to speed up the process of solving complex equations -- to commercial viability. In tandem with company investments, the European Union, US, and Chinese governments, among others, are also backing projects aimed at building commercial quantum computers. In the US, NASA, the NSA, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory are all involved in quantum computing projects. And in August this year, China launched the world's first quantum satellite in the quest for more secure communications. However, there are only a small number of private companies in the industry that have been able to raise over $1M, which suggests that commercial application of quantum computers -- for both hardware and software -- is nascent at this point, despite the hype.

Edge Computing


Edge computing stands to transform the internet of things (IoT) much the same way that cloud computing is transforming enterprise IT. By creating secure, highly programmable and flexible computing systems that enhance both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we help usher in the era of local AI, where edge nodes are not only smart, but are trained to be aware of their environment and situation, making them capable of operating offline or with limited cloud connectivity. NXP platforms offer secure edge computing at the hardware and software level, providing the essential technologies that enable low-power, low-latency, high-throughput solutions to deliver greater efficiencies, convenience, privacy and security.

Making Sense of Edge Computing


Much needed text that covers important edge computing topics in an approachable and systemized manner.

GPU Cloud Computing Solutions from NVIDIA


Cloud computing has revolutionized industries by democratizing the data center for completely changing the way businesses operate. Your most important assets are now in the cloud with your preferred provider. GPU is the computing platform that transforms big data into super-human intelligence. It is the computational engine for the new era of AI. Now, you can bring all the power of GPU-accelerated deep learning and AI to your data in the cloud--opening up a world of possibility.

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At this point in the tech game, you likely have information stored away on the Cloud somewhere. In 1980, IBM launched the first hard drive to have more than 1 GB of storage. The phone you're likely holding in your hand or pocket has monumentally more than that. Yet, even as the technology world has experimented with ways to reduce the need for storage on a device itself, the need for communication between the client and the server has increased poor performance due to latency and bandwidth. Edge computing helps to reduce these issues – here's everything you need to know.