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Russia taps Hyperloop for domestic transport


Russia is exploring the possibilities of implementing Elon Musk's Hyperloop transport system to create a high-speed line between different parts of the country. Local media publication RBC reports that Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov believes Russia is "ready" to implement a land transport system similar to Musk's hyperloop vision and a similar project is already in the works. "In St. Petersburg Transport University two years ago, I became acquainted with the prototype. We can say that the technological principle has already been implemented," Sokolov said. The Hyperloop is the brainchild of billionaire Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk.

First European Hyperloop track that will propel passengers at 670mph begins construction in France

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A revolution in transportation has begun in Europe, as construction starts on the continent's first Hyperloop track. The experimental facility will help its US backers develop its own version of Elon Musk's high speed system. Hyperloop promises to propel passengers through near-vacuum tubes in small pods, travelling at speeds of up to 670mph (1,000kph). The technology, which uses super-powered magnets to levitate carrier pods, could cut the time taken to travel between major cities by several hours. The first European Hyperloop track has begun construction.

Hyperloop Technologies Promises 'Milestone Event' In Las Vegas With Demonstration Of Elon Musk's Super Fast Transport System

International Business Times

On Tuesday, one of the companies racing to build the high-speed transportation system designed by Elon Musk known as Hyperloop will hold a "milestone event" just outside Las Vegas where it is promising to showcase the "future of transportation technology." Hyperloop Technologies Inc. (HTI) is promising to show off for the first time a working version of Hyperloop, the zero-emission transportation technology described by Musk in his 58-page white paper published in 2013. Musk said he didn't have the time or resources to build the system himself, due to commitments at Tesla and SpaceX, so he made the white paper open source and invited commercial and academic groups to take up the challenge. The idea is essentially for a fifth mode of transportation that sees passengers and cargo travel in pods inside partially evacuated tubes using a combination of electricity and magnets to reach speeds of over 750 miles per hour -- meaning a journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco could take just 35 minutes. At 5 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, HTI is expected to demonstrate its version of Hyperloop on a half-mile test track it has built in the Nevada desert.

Government asked to keep close watch on Hyperloop for application down under


The Australian House Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Committee has recommended the federal government maintain a "close watch" on the development of Hyperloop technology, specifically with a view to its development as a transport solution in Australia. Hyperloop technologies could revolutionise travel: here's everything you need to know about the technology and the companies involved. It followed claims made by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) co-founder Bibop G. Gresta during the committee's hearings in February that his company's solution "promises to change our life". The company pitched its idea to move people from Sydney to Canberra in 22 minutes, with passengers travelling at up to 700 miles -- around 1,100 kms -- an hour in floating pods within low-pressure tubes. "The Hyperloop has significant advantages over competing transport modes," the committee wrote in its report [PDF] into Innovating Transport across Australia: Inquiry into automated mass transit.

7 Transport Trends I'm Watching


Cities in the not-so-distant future will be swarming with connected vehicle "clouds," but in between those metro areas, we are facing an information and service gap. That's where we come in. Hyperloop One plans to build the "range extender" for autonomous urban mobility. Let's say you're in your office in Berlin and it's your wife's birthday and you want to take her to this great new gastropub in Hamburg for dinner. Six o'clock rolls around, and you tap your phone, an Uber picks you up at your office, drives home to get your spouse, and off you both go to the Hauptbahnhof Hyperloop One portal (our term for the station).