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Step Into a Different Kind of Virtual World: See NVIDIA's Latest Demos at VMworld NVIDIA Blog


Get a look at the future of virtualization with NVIDIA's latest demos -- from accelerated AI to RTX graphics -- at VMworld, this week in San Francisco. Thousands of technical professionals, software architects, data scientists and more will be at the annual conference to gain insight into the most recent advancements in virtualization. NVIDIA vComputeServer brings GPU acceleration to server workloads like AI, deep learning and high performance computing. Businesses can run GPU workloads in virtualized environments for improved security, utilization and manageability. And with NVIDIA NGC GPU-optimized software, users can access models, training scripts and workflows that can further accelerate AI.

Nvidia intros new Ampere GPUs for visual computing


Nvidia on Monday unveiled its latest batch of technology focused on the areas of graphics, AI, enterprise and edge computing, robotics, and remote collaboration. The company, which is holding its virtual GTC 2020 event this week, introduced the CloudXR on AWS platform, the Omniverse design and collaboration platform, and new Ampere GPUs for visual computing. A colossal $40 billion deal with GPU maker Nvidia will close in 2021 or early 2022. The RTX A6000 is designed for the new era of visual computing, Nvidia said. The GPU will replace the Turing version of the Quadro, while the A40 -- which is a passive cooling version of the same card -- is the successor to the RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 GPUs. Nvidia said the GPUs are targeted at visual compute use cases such as rendering and virtual workstations, with Nvidia AI and machine learning software running on the entire product line.

IBM adds Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU to its cloud ZDNet


IBM said it will offer the latest Nvidia GPU, the Tesla P100, in the IBM Cloud as it aims to grab artificial intelligence, machine learning and high performance computing workloads. Big Blue said it is among the first to offer Nvidia's latest processors. The two companies are key partners on multiple fronts since 2014. Also see: Intel's Mobileye purchase may really be about thwarting Nvidia's car to cloud, data center connection Nvidia takes Pascal onto Jetson to boost embedded AI IBM, Nvidia target deep learning, AI workloads Nvidia is increasingly becoming a data center player as graphics processors take a bigger role in analytics workloads. IBM, Nvidia, Google and a bevy of others are partners in the OpenPower group, which aims to serve as a counterweight to Intel.

NVIDIA rolls out support program for AI startups


NVIDIA unveiled a comprehensive global program to support the innovation and growth of startups that are driving new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data science. The NVIDIA Inception Program provides unique tools, resources and opportunities to the waves of entrepreneurs starting new companies, so they can develop products and services with a first-mover advantage. "Startups worldwide are taking advantage of deep learning for its superhuman speed and accuracy in applications like radiology, fraud detection and self-driving cars," said Kimberly Powell, senior director of Industry Business Development at NVIDIA. "We're committed to helping the world's most innovative companies break new ground with AI and revolutionize the industry. The Inception Program provides innovative startups with key support to help grow their businesses and bring revolutionary products to market faster.

One More Reason For Running Machine Learning Jobs In The Cloud: GPUs


Top public cloud vendors want you to store massive data sets in their platforms to run complex Machine Learning algorithms. Apart from offering affordable compute and storage services based on pay-as-you-go pricing model, they are also luring the customers by bringing the latest GPU technology to the cloud. Why is the sudden rush in offering GPUs in the cloud? The answer is simple – It's the rise of Machine Learning. Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft want you to make their cloud the preferred platform for storing, processing, analyzing, and querying data.