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Alcohol detected on breath of JAL and Star Flyer co-pilots during preflight tests

The Japan Times

Japan Airlines and Star Flyer separately said Tuesday that alcohol was found on the breath of male co-pilots of the two carriers in preflight tests and that they weren't permitted to board their scheduled flights as a result. A 54-year-old JAL co-pilot claimed that he mistakenly consumed sake when he was eating a bento meal at a hotel in Kagoshima Prefecture around 2 p.m. Saturday, according to the airline. He bought the sake on Friday. Later on Saturday, a test conducted on the co-pilot at Kagoshima Airport in the city of Kirishima showed 0.09 milligram of alcohol per liter of breath. He was replaced by another pilot.

SAP CoPilot Intelligent Virtual Digital Assistant for Enterprise


Whenever we hire any personal assistant, we look forward to many qualities and skills. We watch the person who is familiar with the business, having analytical skills and also give some suggestion. Could this be possible through a virtual entity? Though the scenario seems unreal. It is going to be reality soon with an application having the functionality of a digital assistant with artificial intelligence.

Why Use GitHub Copilot And Copilot Labs: Practical Use Cases for the AI Pair Programmer


Even though I didn't work at GitHub when they announced Copilot, I remember it piqued my interest. Perhaps, I was mostly excited because it was new and shiny. For me, the value of Copilot is that I spend less time stressing over syntax, which leaves more time for solving problems. More recently, GitHub Next, a team exploring the future of technology and software beyond the adjacent-possible, released Copilot Labs. This experimental VS Code sidebar enables developers to translate their code from one programming language to another and explains code snippets in plain language. These sound super cool, but when would you use them?

GitHub releases an AI-powered copilot to help improve code


GitHub is helping developers to speed up and clean up their code with a new AI-powered tool that it calls Copilot. GitHub Copilot uses an AI system from OpenAI known as OpenAI Codex. The system claims to have a broad knowledge of how people use code and claims to be "significantly more capable than GPT-3" in generating code. By drawing context from the code that a developer is working on, the system is able to suggest entire lines or functions. Even veteran coders can benefit from GitHub Copilot by using the system to explore new APIs and discover alternative ways to solve problems without having to scour the web for answers.

Airline co-pilot 'sucked halfway' out cockpit window, reports say

FOX News

The co-pilot of a Sichuan Airlines flight on Monday was "sucked halfway" out of the cockpit window after the window blew out, Reuters reported, citing local reports. The flight was reportedly at 32,000 feet--about a half hour into the flight-- when Captain Liu Chaunjian said he heard a loud noise in the cockpit. He told a local paper that there was no warning sign. "Suddenly, the windshield just cracked and made a loud bang," he reportedly said. "The next thing I know, my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window."