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Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Algorithms


Following the previous article about "The Core of the Modern Chatbot," this article gives a deeper understanding about the technologies needed for chatbots. NLP (Natural language processing) and Machine Learning are both fields in computer science related to AI (Artificial Intelligence). Machine learning can be applied in many different fields. NLP takes care of "understanding" the natural language of the human that the program (i.e. This understanding enables the program (i.e.

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing: Tutorials with Jupyter Notebooks


At untapt, all of our models involve Natural Language Processing (NLP) in one way or another. Our algorithms consider the natural, written language of our users' work experience and, based on real-world decisions that hiring managers have made, we can assign a probability that any given job applicant will be invited to interview for a given job opportunity.

Automatic Writing With Deep Learning - DZone AI


X is some sort of an object, e.g. an email text, an image, or a document. Y is either a single class label from a finite set of labels, like spam/no spam, detected object or a cluster name for this document, or some number, like salary, in the next month or stock price. While such tasks can be daunting to solve (like sentiment analysis or predicting stock prices in real-time), they require rather clear steps to achieve good levels of mapping accuracy. Again, I'm not discussing situations with lack of training data to cover the modeled phenomenon or poor feature selection. In contrast, somewhat less straightforward areas of AI are the tasks that present you with a challenge of predicting as fuzzy structures as words, sentences, or complete texts.

10 Intro Books On AI To Bring You Up To Speed


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way over the past few years in simulating human intelligence. Today, AI is the lifeblood of almost every organisation cutting across sectors including, retail, financial, healthcare, among others. Here's an updated list of 10 best intro books on artificial intelligence geared towards AI enthusiasts. About: Mathematics and statistics are the backbone of artificial intelligence. This book is perfect for understanding the basics and the mathematics behind AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?🤖


Today, we are going to examine the most popular topic in today's world. These topics are Artificial Intelligence and subsets of AI. First of all, we have to find an answer about what artificial intelligence is and we are going to explain other concepts. The short answer to What is Artificial Intelligence is that it depends on who you ask. They might link it to robots.