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CIOs say personal disruption comes before digital disruption


Several years ago, Whitney Johnson suggested that the disruptions and changes that matter start with personal disruptions and change. Given that we have entered into a new decade, it made sense to consider the changes that CIOs and their teams should consider over the next year and possibly the next several years. This is the topic that I posed to the #CIOChat. CIOs suggest personal disruption should be part and parcel to the overall disruptions that their organizations are making. At the same time, they say transformation needs to happen at many levels these days including the personal level.

INFOGRAPHIC - 5 Drivers of Business Disruption in 2017 - Disruption


AI platforms are transforming the way that businesses are run, offering in depth analytics and streamlined B2C interaction.

BBC News Daily: More NHS disruption?

BBC News

The full effect of the cyber-attack on the NHS is still being assessed, with the public being urged to use the health service "wisely" in the meantime. Seven of the 47 trusts in England hit by ransomware are continuing to face serious problems. Patients are advised to still turn up for appointments, but GPs in some areas are asking people to consider whether they really need them. Meanwhile, companies and organisations around the world are being warned of possible further disruption, with Microsoft describing Friday's attacks - which affected 200,000 computers - as a "wake-up call". We now know that Friday's attack made use of an existing vulnerability, meaning hospitals which did not apply a security patch were leaving themselves open to attack.

South West Trains warns of London Waterloo disruption

BBC News

South West Trains is warning of severe disruption across the whole network for the rest of the day. The train company is advising passengers not to travel towards London Waterloo until after 09:00 after a loss of all signalling in the Earlsfield area of south-west London. It said trains could be cancelled, delayed by up to 90 minutes or revised until the end of service. Waterloo handles about 100 million passenger journeys a year. SWT had already warned of disruption because of a track defect on a set of points between Woking and Surbiton, which blocked the London-bound fast line.