SAP purchases intelligent robotic automation firm Contextor


SAP has announced the acquisition of Contextor SAS in a bid to boost the company's machine learning and robotic automation portfolio. On Monday, the software solutions provider said the purchase will help SAP accelerate the development of the Leonardo machine learning solution, a platform for the creation of enterprise machine learning and automation-based apps and software. Financial details were not disclosed. Contextor SAS, based in Orsay, France, is a small European company focused on robotic process and desktop automation, offering products which are compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop setups, XenDesktop workstations, and XenApp application servers. Founded in 2000 by Patrick Lemare, Contextor now accounts for over 100,000 bot deployments using automation for business processes.

Getting Started With Intelligent Automation


With each delivery cycle, measure the results, see the impact of AI, and use that to raise awareness with the C-Suite on how AI can transform operations. Many packaged cognitive services, such as optical character recognition, sentiment analysis, or speech to text, are very easy to implement. However, to leverage these appropriately, one must understand how each solution can fit within overall business processes and where it must be applied to accelerate intelligent automation. Beyond plug-and-play cognitive services, organizations can start to explore custom machine learning algorithms to create unique predictive models based on their business data. Accessing the technology to enable this is straightforward, but understanding an organization's unique data and process requirements to apply machine learning to maximum impact remains the biggest challenge.

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To provide a strategic advantage, business processes are naturally turning towards Robotic Process Automation. Here the application of technology is governed by intelligent automation using AI which can supercharge the automation efforts. Given its capabilities, AI is a natural partner for automation efforts. It brings with it the capability to analyze huge volumes of data and automate routine tasks faster. In fact, McKinsey estimated that AI can automate almost 45% more of any task.

Microsoft Aims To Upend The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Market


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is kind of a confusing term. It's not about physical robots--instead, it refers to software bots that streamline repetitive and tedious processes in the workplace. Something else to note: RPA is the fastest growing segment in enterprise software, according to Gartner. As a result, the mega tech operators are looking at the market. SAP, for example, has acquired Contextor to bolster its efforts.

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"When companies compete for talented employees, the details often decide between success or failure," explains Prabhu Nutakki, innovation architect at SAP. "If too much time passes between a successful interview and the receipt of an employment offer letter, the potential employee may be tempted to accept another offer." In addressing this, Nutakki and his team quickly identified a limiting factor in this process: Colleagues in Human Resources (HR) had to create letters of employment manually. During periods of particularly high recruitment, this step became a bottleneck. It was also a perfect use case for robotic process automation (RPA). Click the button below to load the content from Youtube.