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McKinsey's 2016 Analytics Study Defines The Future Of Machine Learning - Enterprise Irregulars


These and many other insights are from the McKinsey Global Institute's study The Age of Analytics: Competing In A Data-Driven World published in collaboration with McKinsey Analytics this month. You can get a copy of the Executive Summary here (28 pp., free, no opt-in, PDF) and the full report (136 pp., free, no opt-in, PDF) here. Five years ago the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) released Big Data: The Next Frontier For Innovation, Competition, and Productivity (156 pp., free no opt-in, PDF), and in the years since McKinsey sees data science adoption and value accelerate, specifically in the areas of machine learning and deep learning. The study underscores how critical integration is for gaining greater value from data and analytics. Posted in Featured Posts, Technology / Software Tagged analytics, enosix, enosix integration, enosiX Salesforce integration, enosix SAP integration, Louis Columbus' blog, machine learning, McKinsey 2016 Study, McKinsey Analytics, McKinsey Global Institute', McKinsey's 2016 Analytics Study Leave a response

McKinsey's Succinct AI Guide Helps Executives Quickly Understand


A keyword through all of the talk and noise is "AI." The term, "artificial intelligence" might just be the buzzword of 2018. As the AI race continues and grows exponentially hour by hour, executives, managers and employees alike need to understand the basics of this crucial technological component in order to make effective and flexible decision when necessary. One of the issues that executives and their business units face in understanding the basics is knowing where exactly to look for such explanations in a clear and succinct manner. Time is a luxury that many executives and employees do not have in the integrated and fast-paced work environments of today.

These three skill sets will ensure you'll never be out of work


The greater adoption of artificial intelligence and automation will undoubtedly reshape the workforce and the skills people need to stay employed. And according to a report released by McKinsey Global Institute during the VivaTech conference in Paris today (May 24), there are three core skill groups workers need to hone as industries evolve. McKinsey, combining data generated by its own modeling techniques, surveys of corporate executives and interviews with human resources officers, then projected how many hours would be worked on average annually, by skill, for the economy of the future. McKinsey forecasts that AI and automation will kill physical-labor jobs and low-skilled roles such as assembly line workers as well as those in basic cognitive skills positions, such as cashiers and data-entry clerks. But while some jobs may be lost, new ones will be created and they're across three other skill set groups:

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"We started the green initiative in our Middle East office because we wanted to raise awareness about waste and improve energy efficiency," describes Joelle, an associate based in Dubai.

Doing Digital Transformation Right - InformationWeek


Whether your definition of digital is about a new way of looking at technology, engaging with customers, or doing business, there's been a lot written and said about how traditional organizations must become digital if they want to ensure their future success. But with competition from the digital natives on one side and the limited resources of corporate budgets on the other side, how do you decide how to allocate your efforts at digitalization? Now a new report from McKinsey culls the results of a few different surveys by the consulting firm and breaks down some of the finer points about what matters when you take your company digital. For instance, do you know just how much you need to digitize to have it make a difference? Do you have to digitize your entire operation?