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Electrical engineering salary guide: How much can you make?


Electrical engineers design and oversee the development of electrical equipment. They create new technologies and improve existing devices, adhering to client and end-user needs, building codes, and safety standards. Advancements in technology have helped create a growing demand for electrical engineers. Much of the growth has occurred in the professional, scientific, and technical service fields. Electrical engineers also work in power generation, manufacturing, and research and development.

What do electrical engineers do?


Many prospective students wonder, "What do electrical engineers do?" These professionals design, improve, and manufacture electrical equipment and applications. Growth in technological innovations and the sophistication of consumer electronics should drive demand for electrical engineers in the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the addition of more than 20,000 new electrical and electronics engineers between 2020 and 2030. Here, we explore this promising field in detail, highlighting the field's requirements and lifestyle.

This $25 bundle allows you to train at your own pace to become an electrical power engineer


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Top Artificial Intelligence Job Titles with Highest Salaries in India


Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve through businesses across diverse industries, opening opportunities for organisations to operate and drive values to customers. From managing global supply chains to optimising delivery routes, the technology is augmenting its dominance in today's digital world. This is why, AI is in high demand as businesses, be it small or large, are seeking to garner a competitive edge. According to reports, demand for AI jobs continues to increase, and with more open jobs than qualified candidates to fill them, many AI-related roles rule high salaries. Similar to every country in the world, India is also racing to gain AI's potential benefits that could be game-changing.



For these jobs, the competition is fierce. The jobs site Glassdoor has a rundown of the top 20 jobs that earn over $100,000--and face stiff competition. All the jobs on the list got at least 1,000 searches over the past month on Glassdoor and have at least 1,000 active job openings. For every single job opening for these positions, companies get multiple applicants.