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T-Mobile takes on scammers with free and paid tools to block, ID, and eradicate spam calls


T-Mobile and Sprint customers are about to be bothered a whole lot less. Beginning today and continuing over the rest of the month, T-Mobile is rolling out new anti-scam protections so robocalls, phishing schemes, and unknown numbers can get blocked and filtered before they ever ring your phone. Part of the latest Uncarrier event, T-Mobile announced a new Scam Shield that brings free anti-scam protections including Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID to all our customers. The new service is powered by AI and machine learning to constantly learn about the calls coming into your phone and adjust so new numbers get blocked and important calls get through. Scam Block: Your phone will automatically block all likely scammers and a Scam Counter will track the number of calls that have been blocked or received.

T-Mobile's 'Scam Shield' lets you weed out scam calls with a second number


For those who have been inundated by robocalls and other scams – which means anyone with a mobile phone, pretty much – it's hard to imagine them ever going away. Could T-Mobile's "Scam Shield" actually help? The free service for T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers attacks the problem in a number of ways. There's caller ID that can spot incoming scan calls and block them. But the most unusual wrinkle of all is the ability to create a proxy phone number.

Teenage hacker claims to have accessed T-Mobile network for free

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He may only be 17, but this young hacker has managed to do what computer programmers beyond his years are yet to achieve. Jacob Ajit has hacked his way into getting free data on his T-Mobile phone. The student made the discovery while playing around on his phone with no service – but has since reported the hack to T-Mobile to allow it to fix it. He may only be 17, but this young hacker has managed to do what computer programmers beyond his years are yet to achieve. Jacob Ajit made the discovery while playing around on a T-Mobile pre-paid SIM on a spare phone with no active service.

T-Mobile's 'Scam Shield' offers free caller ID and spam call blocking features


T-Mobile completed its purchase of Sprint earlier this year, and with those regulatory hurdles out of the way the company is once again announcing some new features for its expanded customer base. The focus is on spam and robocalls, something that T-Mobile says is the number one complaint right now to the FCC. Starting today, T-Mobile is offering its customers a variety of free services to make identifying and avoiding spam calls easier, a program called Scam Shield. Probably the most notable feature is a Scam ID feature that'll label suspicious calls as "scam likely" when the call comes in -- from there, customers can also choose to entirely block calls that T-Mobile identifies as likely spam so they never ring through. Additionally, T-Mobile's caller ID feature is now free to all customers, as well.

T-Mobile's latest robocall strategy: Giving customers a second phone number to throw off scammers

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T-Mobile says it can do what all wireless carriers haven't been able to tackle: curb robocalls. The No. 3 wireless carrier in the U.S., which merged with Sprint earlier this year, says its Scam Shield initiative will help stop scammers with better identifying and blocking of calls. But T-Mobile and others have offered such services in the past, which have been beaten down by scammers. The twist here is that T-Mobile is giving customers a secondary, free phone number "to keep your personal number personal, free number change if needed and free ID monitoring." The idea is that you use the second number, which will ring on the phone you own now, when companies request your number.