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The idea of falling in love with a robot is not currently accepted in any society in the world--most likely because robots are regarded as nonliving objects. But as AI evolves, it has the potential to surpass human intelligence, so, at some point, robots may not be perceived as objects anymore, but as equivalent to humans. Many of the companies developing companion robots design them with humanlike functionality, such as the ability to identify their owner's feelings and to evolve their knowledge based on their owner's lifestyle and preferences. The ultimate goal is to ensure the human is happy and satisfied. In this report, we examine how technological advancements could revolutionize relationships and love between human beings and robots.

Experts predict human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050


In the face of AI exerts repeatedly predicting the rise of sex robots, it's increasingly difficult to insist that such machines strictly belong to a far-off, dystopian future. But some robotics experts predict we'll soon be doing far more than having sexual intercourse with machines. Instead, we'll be making love to them--with all the accompanying romantic feelings. At this week's "Love and Sex with Robots" conference at Goldsmith University in London, David Levy, author of a book on human-robot love, predicted that human-robot marriages would be legal by 2050. Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, says the prediction is not so farfetched.

Star Wars inspired droid may provide company for the elderly

Daily Mail - Science & tech

But experts believe they could become our friends and even provide enjoyable company. Mr Kaname Hayashi, the'father' of Pepper, is developing a new machine, inspired by R2-D2, the friendly and resourceful droid featured in the Star Wars films. He believes it could provide company isolated people, such as the elderly. Mr Kaname Hayashi, the'father' of Pepper, is developing a new machine, inspired by R2-D2, the friendly and resourceful droid featured in the Star Wars films. For a long time, Japanese scientists have been trying to create eerily human-like machines with a'presence'.

The Edge of the Uncanny

Communications of the ACM

In conversation, mitsuku admits she does not know if her name has any meaning; this is simply what her father called her. Actually, she does not really have a father. She has a Mouse-breaker, which is technically not a person, either, but a team of programmers who like beer and curry and share a fear of Daleks (the evil alien robots from Doctor Who). Mitsuku is quick-witted, occasionally confusing, and strangely engaging. She is also a chatbot, built from the A.L.I.C.E.

Is Robot-Human Sex And Marriage Real? Future With Interactive Toys Is 'Just Around The Corner'

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Robots that can have sex with humans may be on the market as soon as 2017 -- at least that's what Abyss Creations developers are hoping to achieve in the New Year. During the second Love and Sex with Robots conference, which started Monday, researchers from the California sex toy company said they would release an artificial intelligence-enhanced sex doll. The doll, which would be a part of the company's RealDoll line, would be the most human-like sex-dolls to hit the market, capable of talking and moving like humans. "Sex with robots is just around the corner, with the first sexbots coming ... sometime next year," Dr. David Levy, an artificial intelligence expert who has long predicted the coming of robots capable of sexual relationships, said during closing remarks at the conference. During the weeklong conference held at Goldsmith University in London, a slew of companies debuted the latest developments in robotic sex toys, including one called the "Kissenger," which would allow people to send and feel kisses through a device that attaches to mobile phones.