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Smart Factories Need Smart Power


From artificial intelligence and automation to machine learning and the … Beyond automation to autonomous machines: the challenge of powering …

Introduction To Power Automate Desktop


Earlier Microsoft Power Automate has cloud flows but with Power Automate Desktop it included desktop automation capability along with capability to automate legacy applications. Power Automate Desktop Installation: In this lecture we will learn how to install Power Automation desktop step by step. Else condition and then we will learn about how to use loops in Power Automate Desktop. New Excel with User Input & PDF Automation: In this lecture we will learn few more excel automation with user input along with that how to automate PDF documents. How to monitor flows along with that we will learn about the use of process advisor and how to use process advisor step by step.

How intelligent automation can power sustainable economies


The combined power of supporting technologies – such as IoT, ML, blockchain, digital twins, and AI – has further advanced the scope of intelligent automation. These might not have been in place five or 10 years ago. For example, along with automating power distribution along the grid, creating a virtual replica of the grid could enhance plant maintenance and operations, and allow operators to further reduce the cost of electricity. This could help a country better utilise its energy resources, contributing to the SDG of providing affordable and clean energy. Several such innovations are being introduced to promote a circular economy, where sustainability is the goal.

How to enter Low Power Mode automatically on iPhone


Typically, when your iPhone dips below a 20 percent charge, it goes into Low Power Mode. This reduces or at least impacts some features (such as automatic downloads and 5G) in an attempt to save whatever battery life is left. You can enter Low Power Mode at any time though, and can even turn it on automatically. Here's how to do it. First, go to the Shortcuts app and tap Automation in the bottom center.

Microsoft Ropes in RPA Technology for Power Platform – IndianTTS Blog


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology is the new key to high yield automation processes. The significance of RPA automation is such, it can help to visualize complex processes of any businesses and deliver error-free results. Customer engagement plays a crucial part in setting up the company's strategy into work. While manual labour may be accustomed to errors but RPA automation reduces cost and provide end to end compliance. To know more Click Here.