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Growing gap between rich and poor seen as key economic risk

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The World Economic Forum unveiled the program for its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, including the key participants, themes and goals. The overarching theme of the meeting, which will take place from Jan. 17 to 20, is "Responsive and Responsible Leadership".

Let's not let artificial intelligence become another bubble


Those of you braving the World Economic Forum's annual jamboree in Davos this week, should you find time in between ski sessions and early-hours nightcaps to pop into a session or two, will notice a familiar theme emerging. You won't be able to move in Davos without hearing about AI: the conference's agenda includes sessions on "AI and advanced robotics", "Decision by algorithm", "Intelligent killing machines", not to mention dozens of side events on the matter. Given the subject matter, you might be forgiven for thinking this could be the last time Davos hosts the World Economic Forum before the inevitable robot uprising forces next year's event to be held in an underground cave.

Report: Chinese Building Projects Narrowing Economic Gaps

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"Western pundits and politicians often claim that Beijing is a reckless, self-serving or sinister actor," said AidData's executive director, Bradley C. Parks, in an email. But by helping to spread economic activity more evenly, "Beijing's investments address one of the root causes of instability around the globe and thus make it easier for Western powers to tackle other global threats and crises."

Billionaire Gives $125M to U of Chicago Economic Department

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The university announced Griffin's gift Wednesday, saying it's the second-largest in school history and brings his personal donations to the school to nearly $150 million. The school has a well-known economics department, which boasts being associated with 29 scholars who have received the Nobel Prize for economics. It'll now be known as the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics.