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Daring skier defies gravity in thrilling first-person video


If you were ever too scared to ski a death-defying slope like Matterhorn in the Alps, this video will not make you change your mind. However, it will give you a first-person point of view of the terrifying plunge down the super steep mountain. John Oliver explains exactly why Donald Trump's Mexican wall is a terrible idea Opera singer's'Highway to Hell' performance is exactly what you'd imagine it to be.

DJI's future first-person drone surfaces in an unboxing video


DJI's first-person view drone still hasn't been announced, but that isn't stopping enthusiasts from getting hands-on time. The Verge reports that Dominion Drones briefly shared a video (reposted by SpiderMonkey FPV) where it unboxed the "FPV Combo" and detailed some of its improvements. Dominion didn't fly the drone to test its rumored 93MPH top speed. However, the clip shows the high-up first-person camera as well as additional front- and downward-facing sensors that are likely meant to help dodge obstacles. There's an upgraded, more gamepad-like controller with sculpted grips, and the new racing goggles are reportedly lighter than their 2019 ancestors.

This GoPro-mounted Hot Wheels car gives you a first-person POV


Hot Wheels and GoPro have teamed up to create a special'Zoom In' car. Watch it zoom down the track with a GoPro Session or Hero5 Session along for the ride, recording everything on the way to bring you a totally unique perspective.

Adapting First-Person Shooter Video Game for Playing with Virtual Reality Headsets

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In this article a combination of two modern aspects of games development is considered: (i) the impact of high quality graphics and virtual reality (VR) user adaptation to believe in realness of in-game events by user’s own eyes; (ii) modeling an enemy’s behavior under automatic computer control, called BOT, which reacts similarly to human players. We consider a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game genre, which simulates an experience of combat actions. We describe some tricks to overcome simulator sicknesses in a shooter with respect to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. We created a BOT model that strongly reduces the conflict and uncertainty in matching human expectations. BOT passes VR game Alan Turing test with 80% threshold of believable human-like behavior.

'Sims 4' announces first-person mode, players instantly plot to do the nasty


"Finally I can see my sims fuck in first person." We were all thinking it, but this Twitter user said it. In a recent Twitch livestream, EA announced that the ever-evolving world of Sims would be getting a first-person video mode in The Sims 4. Exciting, right? You can watch your Sims do dishes, surf the web, meet neighbors, play with animals, brush their tee--just kidding, it is obviously time to bone. SEE ALSO: 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' throws back to that butler you used to lock in the freezer EA packaged the update (which is accompanied by a number of other features) as innocently as ever.