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'Street Fighter 30th Anniversary' Comes With Interactive Timeline, New Gameplay Options

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"Street Fighter 30th Anniversary" is not arriving until later this month, but important details about the upcoming compilation have already been made available online. In case you need a refresher ahead of the game's big day on May 29, check out the major features that Capcom confirmed via the official fact sheet of the title. Because this is a special release that aims to relive the iconic fighting game series, developer Digital Eclipse and publisher Capcom have come up with a feature that would serve that purpose. "Street Fighter 30th Anniversary" has an interactive timeline of events that helped create and establish the fame of the series. The feature revisits historic moments from the series by presenting original concept art of the game and characters.

'Tekken X Street Fighter' is on hold for now


But currently the situation is with fighting games, you have Street Fighter V that just released -- a lot of people are playing that fervently -- and there's a large crowd out there waiting or Tekken 7.

Fighting Games Like Mortal Kombat Have Come a Long Way


These classic video games have more in common than just being part of the fighting game genre. Their rosters are all full of different faces from vastly different places. Predating more recent calls for greater diversity in game protagonists and characters, these games presented players with the choice to play as someone who truly resonated with them on a multitude of levels. Diverse casts quickly become a fighting game must-have feature, and are now recognized as a defining staple of the genre. Unlike the majority of video games, which sport a single main cast, fighting games feature a plethora of faces that players are able to choose from in deciding who their protagonist will be.

'Ultra Street Fighter II' Is Precisely The Kind Of Game That The Nintendo Switch Needs

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One of the main advantages the Nintendo Switch has over its competition is its ability to make local multiplayer games portable and the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter II brilliantly exemplifies this. The original Street Fighter II was a genre defining fighting game and one that not only re-shaped the arcades across the world but also invaded living rooms on the original SNES. It's this legacy that Ultra Street Fighter II taps into and from what I played of it at the recent Nintendo Switch event in Tokyo, the game is very good indeed. The main takeaway is that the game affords a new updated visual style that is pristine in the extreme. However, don't worry as you can still play the game as per the original version if you so wish.

'Street Fighter' pro Infiltration says Capcom doesn't care about pros


Professional Street Fighter player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo really opened up about Capcom and his issues with how they handle the pro scene. In an interview with Core-A Gaming on Wednesday, Infiltration discussed some of his frustrations with season 2 of Street Fighter V and how changes and updates are focusing on bringing in new players, which in turn is forcing dedicated players to learn new characters and strategies. With all the new changes, Street Fighter V now rewards offensive strategies more than balanced strategies and pros have to adapt their playstyles. Infiltration also talked about some of his issues with the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup, including a lack of communication about tournament structure and scheduling and lack of rest and practice space at Capcom Cup. Infiltration remains hopeful about the future, though, and wants Capcom to improve their considerations for top tier players.