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The 12 greatest superhero video games ever

The Guardian

On Thursday, games publisher Square Enix announced it had signed a multi-game partnership with Marvel to produce a series of Avengers titles. Two studios, Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) and Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex) will be working on the project, so we can perhaps expect big, open world action adventures with a smattering of role-playing depth. So what legacy will this tie-in have to contend with? Is there a glorious history of super hero games? Here are our top twelve, please add your own in the comments section.

Google to launch Stadia game streaming service in November

The Guardian

Google will launch its long-awaited "Netflix for games" service, Stadia, in November, the company has announced. It will be available in 14 countries including the UK, US and Ireland, but not Australia or New Zealand. The video game streaming platform will defy expectations by offering the bulk of its catalogue for sale in a pay-once-play-forever model, rather than wrapping all its titles up in one monthly fee. It will launch with a £119 "founders' edition" offer. The box set, which will be the only way to play the Stadia service at launch, includes a limited-edition blue controller, a Chromecast Ultra streaming stick, a full copy of the complete Destiny 2 (including the just-announced Shadowkeep expansion, due this autumn), and three months of the "Stadia Pro" service.

Here are the Nintendo Switch games on deck for 2017


Today's Nintendo Direct announcement event was the first since the launch of Nintendo's Switch console, so more than a few gamers were hoping more games would be added soon to the system's thin launch library. While players won't be showered in new titles, a slew are coming in the next few months, hopefully enough to tide them over until others launch later in the year. First up are the big announcements for the most heavily-anticipated titles. Nintendo's bizarre new IP, the slinky-punch fighting game ARMS, is slated to come out in June. The studio shared more footage today that expanded the list of boxing glove types and revealed elemental effects would be part of players' toolkits.

Why 'Risk Of Rain' Dev Ditched Side-Scrolling Gameplay For 3D Sequel

International Business Times

While most sequels retain the gameplay of their predecessors, Hopoo Games is planning a different thing for its "Risk of Rain" sequel, which it simply named as "Risk of Rain 2." The developer surprised fans of its previous works today when it revealed that it's working on the second installment for its rogue-like game. More shocking is the fact that the development for the game has been ongoing for the past six months. "We've been working on a new game for about 6 months, and we've been shooting ideas back and forth on ow the best way to announce it… Announcing the game is a delicate process," the developer said in a blog post. "But… we really want to share with people what we've been working so hard on, and we really can't keep our lips sealed much longer, so we're just gonna throw it out there with a devblog. So here it is: DevBlog: #1 for'Risk of Rain 2.'" The original "Risk of Rain" was well-received because of its addictive elements as a side-scrolling shooter, rogue-like game.

20 Video Games We Can't Wait To Play This Summer

TIME - Tech

A few weeks ago the notion of a classic but modernized and fully realized Metroid game would have seemed chimerical. Yet here we are, just a few months shy of Metroid: Samus Returns, a reimagined version of the similarly titled 1991 Game Boy adventure. The entire summer's games lineup feels unusually robust, from Splatoon 2's eSports-angled, ink-splashed madness or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's fortune-hunting antics, to Pyre's curious action-roleplaying inversions and Tacoma's evocative exploration-driven enticements. Studio Grezzo, best known for its work with Nintendo on 3DS games like The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, takes a stab at a roleplaying game of its own in which players complete missions to fund an ever-expanding sanctuary. More than a spiffed up remaster of this 2006 fantasy roleplaying romp, Square Enix's return to a world of warring city-states will include a reimagined (and previously Japan-only) character progression system.