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Pacific Sunwear files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

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Pacific Sunwear, after suffering its ninth consecutive year of losses, is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The beach-life clothing store will continue to operate under an agreement with its owner, the private equity firm Golden Gate Capital, which will take it private after it restructures. Golden Gate will convert about two-thirds of PacSun's debt into equity in the reorganized company and provide at least 20 million in additional capital. The company also secured a five-year, 100 million line of credit from Wells Fargo. The bankruptcy filing from Sunwear of California Inc. comes just seven months after surfwear retailer Quicksilver -- another ubiquitous presence in malls during the 1990s -- announced its Chapter 11 reorganization.

'Deltarune' chapter 2 arrives on September 17th for PC and Mac


At the end of the stream for Undertale's sixth anniversary, Toby Fox has dropped a surprise for his fans: The second chapter of Deltarune, his newer top-down RPG, will be available this week after almost a three-year wait. As Kotaku notes, Fox's release of the first chapter Deltarune in October 2018 also came a surprise. In the game, you control a human named Kris who fell with his classmate Susie into the "Dark World," where they meet Ralsei who tells them they're heroes destined to save the world. As you'd expect from any RPG, the three embark on a quest and encounter monsters along the way. Deltarune is a top-down 2D RPG like Undertale, but it features an improved turn-based, multi-character battle system similar to Final Fantasy's.

War hero gets new chapter

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Aug. 22, 2016 - 7:47 - Heroes @ Home: Diana Falzone and Purple Heart recipient Noah Galloway discuss his time spent on'Dancing With the Stars' and'Tough Mudder,' being a single father as well as advice for young men and women joining the military