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Employers Using AI in Hiring Take Note: Illinois' Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act Is Now in Effect JD Supra


On January 1, 2020, Illinois' new Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act (AIVIA) went into effect, meaning Illinois employers must now comply with the law if they use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze video interviews by job candidates. As we outlined in a prior post, the AIVIA imposes duties of transparency, consent and data destruction on organizations using AI to evaluate interviewees for jobs that are "based" in Illinois. While these concepts may be clear in the abstract, the Illinois law is a lesson in brevity and leaves several key terms undefined (including, for example, the term "artificial intelligence"). Nor is it clear what it means for a position to be "based" in Illinois. As a result, employers using AI-enabled analytics in interview videos must sort through these questions and take other affirmative steps to ensure compliance with the new law.

Illinois Employers Using AI to Screen Applicants Could Face Litigation, Bloomberg Reports News Events


Bloomberg Law interviewed Shook Attorney Erin Bolan Hines about the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act (AIVIA) in "Law on Hiring Robots Could Trigger Litigation for Employers," October 11, 2019. AIVIA is a first-in-the-nation statute that requires employers to take additional transparency steps involving use and destruction of videos when using "hiring robots" as a screening tool for applicants in Illinois. Enforcement of AIVIA is not clear and defense attorneys who advocate for employers are monitoring to see if it will lead to class actions alleging abuses of employees' biometric information. Hines told the publication she predicts plaintiffs will develop theories under the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) to "test the waters." "There is a hurdle because there is no private right of action in the artificial intelligence statute, but there are some creative plaintiff's lawyers out there," stated Hines.

Illinois Becomes First State to Regulate Employers' Use of Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate Video Interviews JD Supra


With so many questions surrounding artificial intelligence's effect on the workplace and workforce, one wonders whether future Labor Day celebrations will take on new meaning. Employers in Illinois may face these questions sooner than others following passage of a new Illinois law that regulates the use of artificial intelligence ("AI") to analyze and evaluate job applicants' video interviews. The Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act imposes duties of transparency, consent and data destruction on organizations using AI to evaluate interviewees for jobs that are "based in" Illinois. The measure, passed unanimously in the Illinois legislature and approved by the Governor in early August, becomes effective January 1, 2020. Applying AI-based analytics to job interviews is an increasingly common practice.

New Illinois Law Governs Use of Artificial Intelligence During Interview Process Insights Holland & Knight


Illinois is attempting to stay at the forefront of legislating the interaction between employment and technology with the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act (Act), which the state legislature passed on May 29, 2019. The Act, which is effective Jan. 1, 2020, impacts an employer's ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) when hiring workers in Illinois. Under the Act, an employer using videotaped interviews when filling a position in Illinois may use AI to analyze the interview footage only if 1) the employer notifies the applicant that the videotaped interview may be analyzed using AI for purposes of evaluating the applicant's fitness for the position, 2) the employer provides the applicant with information about how the AI works and what characteristics it uses to evaluate applicants, and 3) the employer obtains consent from the applicant to use AI for an analysis of the video interview. Further, because audio will be recorded, the employer must obtain the consent of the applicant to videotape the interview with or without the use of AI. An employer is not required to consider an applicant who refuses to provide consent for the employer's use of AI to evaluate the candidate.

The Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act: Privacy Implications of Illinois's AI Statute


It's time for employers to start preparing for legislation recently signed into law in Illinois, the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act. The new law, which takes effect on January 1, 2020, regulates Illinois employers' use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the interview and hiring process. Under the AI Video Interview Act, employers that record video interviews and use AI technology to analyze applicants' suitability for employment must: Employers that conduct such interviews may not distribute videos to other parties, except as necessary to obtain expert assistance in evaluating a candidate's fitness for a particular position. In addition, an employer has only 30 days to destroy all video copies of the interview if an applicant seeks such destruction. This law highlights a myriad of privacy concerns for employers evaluating the costs and benefits of incorporating AI technology into their hiring practices.