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Protect your yard with Eufy's security camera and floodlight for $100


Are you looking to keep an eye on your yard? Well, today is your lucky day. Amazon is selling Anker's Eufy Security Floodlight Camera for $100. To get the deal, you need to clip the $70 off coupon underneath the price on the product page. You also need to use the checkout code EUFY8420 to cover the other two bucks.

AG: Canteen Funds Shouldn't Be Used to Buy Security Cameras

U.S. News

Assistant Attorney General James Herrick wrote that ensuring a safe environment is part of a jail's "basic obligation" to inmates. As a result, Herrick says security cameras should be funded from a jail's operating budget and aren't a proper expenditure of canteen funds under law.

Aging security cameras at Burbank High to be replaced next year

Los Angeles Times

Burbank High School is in need of enhancing its security system with new cameras, additional fencing and new gates, according to school officials. Matt Hill said plans are still in the early stages, and the district is currently looking at vendors and proposed cameras. The goal is to contract with a vendor this fall and install cameras by spring, he added. Talks about purchasing new cameras have been mentioned before, so Hill allocated one-time funding for safety needs. Some of those funds were earmarked specifically for security cameras for one school site, he said.

The best outdoor security camera


An outdoor security camera system is an excellent investment if you want to have peace of mind while you are far from home or simply go to sleep without worrying about troublemakers. Not only does it provide a level of protection, but it even adds value to your property. Finding the best outdoor security cameras requires thoughtful research evaluating criteria such as pricing, resolution and high tech features. We evaluated popular self-monitored outdoor cameras that do not require a professional security system to protect your belongings. If you prefer consumer-level smart home technology for your home surveillance system, here is our selection of the best outdoor security cameras in the market.

How to enable HDR in your Ring security camera


Ring is adding an HDR (high dynamic range) feature to its cameras, but it doesn't come switched on by default. HDR helps even out the bright and dark areas of an image to provide a better, more pleasantly exposed image. In the context of a security camera, it could help see into dark corners better and stop images being washed out by harsh sunlight. HDR is already ready in some Ring battery-powered cameras. If it isn't in yours, you'll have to wait for a firmware update to hit.