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Our CEH v10 book has been featured in the Computer Science Department in the University of Central Florida As a Primary textbook for a semester-long course. CEH v10 prepares you for advance vulnerability assessment, ethical hacking & penetration testing tricks to master the International Council of E-Commerce Consultant's Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Exam. Our Practice Questions (Quiz) are the collection of drafted questions keeping the exam blueprint in mind. It is an ideal way to practice and revise your certification.

[D] Papers explaining why Teacher-Student training and Knowledge Distillation work? • r/MachineLearning


I'm not familiar with any papers examining this in detail, but I can offer some intuitive insight. The difficulty of learning a mapping directly from data is related to, but distinct from, the difficulty of representing that mapping. There are several phenomena that factor into this. For example, "Dog Breed A" on ImageNet might be very similar to "Dog Breed B," but in label space they're orthogonal. Having a teacher network which has learned these relationships means that the student, which by nature of being smaller may have less learning ability, doesn't have to figure these things out.

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Punditas AI platform is a Knowledge As a Service solution for CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Application Softwares. Our Knowledge dissemination platform monitors Organizations Knowledge Needs and delivers five types of content (Product, Support, Marketing, Customer and Partner) within the Enterprise Users context.

12 Best AI and Machine Learning Articles of 2018 Gengo AI


While it's up for debate whether this has been a help or a hindrance to the field as a whole, there's no doubt that the AI ecosystem is an endless well of fascinating topics to explore. Whether you prefer a technical deep dive or a more casual thought piece, there have been some gems hidden amongst the hype. We've already reviewed our own content for 2018, but we've also taken a moment to look back at stories from around the web that kept us glued to our screens this year. Covering everything from AI's progress with video games to psychopathic algorithms, here are 12 of our favorite articles about AI and machine learning from the last 12 months. Stop Feeding Garbage to your Model: The 6 Biggest Mistakes with Datasets and How to Avoid Them, Hacker Noon – From low quality to unbalanced classes, there are plenty of things that can prevent your dataset from being the best it can be.

How To Use Big Data To Improve Corporate Training


Businesses have arguably never had as much data at their disposal as they do now. Purchases, customer behavior and transactions amount to an enormous influx of information pouring in every second. If properly harnessed, this vast amount of information -- rightly called big data -- can be instrumental in a business's planning and decision making. If the purpose of corporate training is to prepare employees for the real world's challenges, then I believe it's in the business's best interests that such training is built on as much data from the real world as possible. I've been involved in the requirements analysis for several large, data-based corporate training projects.