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Truck Driver Sentenced in Crash That Killed Road Crew Worker

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Collins had been charged with reckless driving causing death and serious impairment and causing death and injury in a work zone. He pleaded guilty to a moving violation causing the death of a construction worker. The other charges were dismissed.

Construction Worker Attacked After Yelling at Fast Driver

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The (Franklin) Daily Journal reports the worker was helping to pour concrete in Franklin on Monday when a car sped past him and a colleague. The Franklin Police Department says the car nearly hit them and returned about 10 minutes after the worker yelled at the driver.



All those cars will generate loads and loads of data about, well, just about everything. That kind of data is worth a lot, and the consulting company McKinsey predicts the car data industry could be worth as much as $750 million by 2030. Generally, IT intensity and labor intensity are inversely related: The more cloud services and predicative analytics do the work to store and use information about you and your self-driving vehicle, the fewer actual human workers a company needs. Instead, they'll rely on on-demand taxi services to ferry them about, which explains why the number of miles people and things travel in vehicles is expected to rise in the autonomous future.

Lebanon Detains Uber Driver Suspected of Murdering British Embassy Worker: Security Source

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The security source said preliminary investigations into the murder of Rebecca Dykes showed the motive was purely criminal, not political, and that the suspect had immediately confessed to the crime, which took place early on Saturday.