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How Publishers Utilize Big Data for Audience Segmentation


Audience segmentation of their readers is a relatively new undertaking for publishers. The publishing business model, historically, has relied heavily on advertising revenue, and the principal audience information that a publisher possessed was focused on characteristics valuable to their advertisers. As subscription revenue has become half or more of total revenue, the return on audience analytics and segmentation has grown considerably. The growing share of a publisher's audience that comes to content from a digital platform has added complexity and additional data on consumption by individual customers as publishers seek to group customers with similar preferences and behaviors into segments. These trends are leading publishers to use big data for customer segmentation; the future of the publishing industry will be dependent on big data analytics.

Lifecycle Marketing in the Age of the Customer


Every marketer understands the premise--and every CEO yearns to realize the promise--of connected customer journeys across all touchpoints. Yet the challenges of siloed departments and data, siloed customer experiences, disconnected channels, disconnected marketing tools and analytics, and security, scale and availability persist. I know you're probably well versed in the problems. And I understand your pain--what's been missing is a solution that meets the needs of the entire organization. Today, we've turned the corner in the digital transformation.

The death of third party data TechNative


The regulation has been the catalyst for new concerns around how companies are using our personal information, and there is heightened awareness around how anonymous third-party data cookies are tracking us around the internet. In a post-GDPR world, sensitivity to intrusive online ads has never been so strong. Imagine going into H&M and someone walking up to you to sell a Primark T-shirt. It wouldn't feel right, but that's exactly what ad space is doing. You could be on a travel website and another completely different company, with no affiliation, not only knows that you've been there but that you've made a purchase.

Email Reactivation – Strategies to Win Back Dormant Customers


As part of any good email strategy, customer acquisition, retention and reactivation are all components of a solid email plan. Acquiring new customers will always be a goal but focusing on retention is key. While many marketers focus on more heavily on acquisition and retention, win back campaigns or email reactivation are just as crucial. We all know how valuable repeat customers are so focusing on inactive customers and getting them to reengage can be a goldmine. Some level of churn is inevitable.