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IBM Watson Suite Aims to Meld AI with HR


IBM has launched a unit designed for human resources to better find talent and recruit using artificial intelligence. The company's HR effort, dubbed IBM Talent & Transformation, includes select Watson AI-based services that can help HR become a growth engine to enable digital transformation. AI can be used to revamp workflow, employee engagement, recruitment and retention while providing a more diverse workforce, the company says. The Watson Talent Suite rolls up behavioral science, AI, and psychology and applies it to HR. Components include Watson Career Coach, a virtual coach that provides advice for career paths, and Watson Candidate Assistant, which looks through the history of job seekers and matches them with openings. These services were developed for IBM's internal HR team and the company claims it drove $107 billion in benefits in 2017 with better employee satisfaction.

IBM Watson's next mission is to tiptoe into HR, and hire the right person


India could emerge as the third-largest market in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for IBM's artificial intelligence (AI)-powered workforce automation solution, launched in November last year. The Armonk-based software services giant expects large-sized and mid-sized enterprises from sectors such as banking, insurance and manufacturing to be among the first adopters of the solution. The solution, dubbed the Talent and Transformation suite of services, is one among several that have come out of IBM's global AI platform, Watson. "India is one of the largest markets for the solution in terms of opportunity after Australia and Singapore (in the APAC region)," Lula Mohanty, general manager for APAC at IBM Global Business Services, told TechCircle. "Only five per cent of chief executive officers (CEOs) think that they have embarked on a transformation journey, especially when it comes to human resources core functions and only 24% of CHROs (chief human resources officers) think that they have a lot of work to do in terms of improving their core functions. This is a positive change in terms of rising awareness in the country," she added.

Confectionery in the cloud: Pocky-maker Ezaki Glico digitises HR with Workday


Japanese food manufacturer Ezaki Glico has announced sending its human resources to the cloud, laying the digital foundation for its global expansion.

Making recruitment smarter through better relationships


For harassed HR managers, trying to find the right people can still seem more art than science. Beamery is one company trying to change that by offering what it calls "candidate relationship software", which aims to help candidates be successful not just with one job but with others as their career progresses. Companies using Beamery include Facebook, VMWare, Balfour Beatty, Continental, Dennis, and Shop Direct. In June, Beamery raised $28m in it's Series B funding round. ZDNet talked to Beamery co-founder and CEO Abakar Saidov to find out more.

It's Time To Reinvent Your Human Resources Strategy And IBM Wants Watson To Be Your Guide


Business success starts and ends with a company's talent. Every organization knows this but not every organization masters the art of creating a company culture that effectively leverages their employee's skills. Market leading companies define strong cultural values, hire to fulfill that mission and treat employees as well as they treat their customers. The three main talent challenges a company must master - acquisition, retention and retraining- haven't changed. However, the mix of how a company spends its resources is changing.