The 2018 rift eruption and summit collapse of Kilauea Volcano


In 2018, Kīlauea Volcano experienced its largest lower East Rift Zone (LERZ) eruption and caldera collapse in at least 200 years. After collapse of the Pu'u 'Ō'ō vent on 30 April, magma propagated downrift. Eruptive fissures opened in the LERZ on 3 May, eventually extending 6.8 kilometers. A 4 May earthquake [moment magnitude (Mw) 6.9] produced 5 meters of fault slip. Lava erupted at rates exceeding 100 cubic meters per second, eventually covering 35.5 square kilometers.

See How Kilauea Volcano's Summit Has Collapsed During 7 Weeks of Eruption

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An ash plume rises from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, United States on May 23, 2018. We imagine volcano eruptions shooting lava and ash into the sky from the summit of giant lava cone mountains, but the ongoing eruption of Kilauea, which is a complex shield volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, has been much different. Over the past several weeks magma beneath Kilauea's Halemaʻumaʻu Crater at its summit has been flowing away from the deep crater chamber and into the eastern rift zone on the island's southeastern corner. All that magma has been feeding the eruption of a series of fissures in the Puna region that have sent thousands of acres of lava flowing over the landscape, destroying hundreds of homes and evaporating entire lakes on its way to the ocean where it has also reshaped the coastline. But the movement of magma away from Kilauea's summit has had consequences for Halemaʻumaʻu Crater as well.

Largest Overflow in 10 Years Hits Kilauea's Summit Lava Lake

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Lava from Kilauea's summit lava lake recently spilled out of its Overlook crater onto the floor of Halemaumau Crater, resulting in the largest overflow since the summit vent opened up 10 years ago.

Is this the future of room service? Robots used to cater to guests

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The future of room service has arrived, with a number of hotels are now giving the job to robots instead of humans. The Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley hotel and the Aloft Hotels brand of Starwood Hotels are utilising androids in the hospitality sector, both created by Savioke. Dash is the latest addition to the Crowne Plaza brand, that is owned by Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). It stands 3ft-tall and weighs less than 100lbs. Dash is the latest addition to the Crowne Plaza workforce as it tends to customers' needs The robot can navigate between floors travelling at the same speed as a human, and can even call the lift using a special Wi-Fi sensor.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Microsoft using artificial intelligence to teach a machine to stay aloft


Paying attention to the "rise of the machines" increasingly means scanning the skies for things other than conventional aircraft or birds. But what if the line between the two begins to blur and autonomous planes can somehow be taught to mimic nature? The researchers have found that through a complex set of AI algorithms, they can get their 16 1/2-foot, 12 1/2-pound aircraft to soar much like a hawk would, by identifying things like air temperature and wind direction to locate thermals -- invisible columns of air that rise due to heat. "Birds do this seamlessly, and all they're doing is harnessing nature. And they do it with a peanut-sized brain," Ashish Kapoor, a principal researcher at Microsoft, said in the report.