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Welcome to DEEP AERO (DRONE TOKEN) Referral Program


DEEP AERO is building an autonomous drone economy powered by AI & Blockchain. Join the referral program and get rewarded. For all the referrals that use your referral code to purchase'DRONE' tokens, you will be rewarded bonus tokens. The individual using your code for purchase of the'DRONE' tokens will also get an equal bonus. Follow up the steps to Sign Up for Referral Program: Step 1: Sign up for referral program at

Meet DEEP AERO – the Blockchain-Oriented Company Providing Drone Technology - Global Coin Report


DEEP AERO is releasing DRONE tokens during its initial coin offering (ICO) that started on May 1, 2018. As a potential investor, you would probably be interested to know more about the company's vision and values. In the following lines, you'll get relevant insights about the people behind DEEP AERO and the company's initiatives, which will help you rely your investment decision on strong fundamentals. DEEP AERO is a company focused on drone technology innovations. It is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies to create game-changing solutions for the drone economy.

Business Model & Token Economy #KeplerTek


We are Happy to introduce Kepler Technologies. The ICO that brings the development of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augments and High-Tech to the Blockchain. In this video we will be explaining KeplerTek business model and token economy. The Pre-Sale is live now!! Follow us: Telegram

How to buy DEEP AERO (DRONE) Tokens – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


Step 1: Go to You will be asked to "Sign up" for a new account or "Log In" if you are already a member. Step 3: You will be redirected to "DRONE Token Sale Contract Address" Page. Please follow the instructions to complete the transaction. Note: We have removed the DRONE Token Sale Contract Address for security reasons.

Angel Token


Angel token is a project that is very relevant, with its simplicity and has its own characteristics. Among these explanations are as follows; * Consumers, namely the Angel Token project, try to provide comfort and trust to investors, what we want is always trying as much as possible * Competition, which is the Angel Token project that is still new, is brave enough to take steps to compete with the big market with projects that are old and so popular.