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San Francisco police stop self-driving car – and find nobody inside, video shows

The Guardian

A video recently posted online shows what happens when police try to apprehend an autonomous vehicle – only to find nobody inside. Police in San Francisco stopped a vehicle operated by Cruise, an autonomous car company backed by General Motors, in a video posted on 1 April. Officers approached the car, which had been driving without headlights, only to find it was empty. "Ain't nobody in it – this is crazy," a bystander can be heard saying in the video. The car then speeds away to the other side of the intersection, leaving the police behind.

Self-driving car pulled over in San Francisco, confounding police. 'Ain't nobody in it.'

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The first words many police officers use when pulling over a vehicle weren't applicable last week when San Francisco police pulled over – or attempted to pull over – an autonomous vehicle without a person inside. A video that has gone viral shows a San Francisco police officer saying to his partner that there "ain't nobody in it." The vehicle, a self-driving car without a steering wheel for the San Francisco-based company Cruise, was being pulled over for driving without headlights at night. The Cruise car's digitalized system, however, determined it was being pulled over for going a different speed limit. Once the officer confusingly checked the vehicle and went to talk to his partner, the vehicle took off through another intersection at a seemingly more acceptable speed before being pulled over again.

An Autonomous Car Blocked a Fire Truck Responding to an Emergency


On an early April morning, around 4 am, a San Francisco Fire Department truck responding to a fire tried to pass a doubled-parked garbage truck by using the opposing lane. But a traveling autonomous vehicle, operated by the General Motors subsidiary Cruise without anyone inside, was blocking its path. While a human might have reversed to clear the lane, the Cruise car stayed put. The fire truck only passed the blockage when the garbage truck driver ran from their work to move their vehicle. "This incident slowed SFFD response to a fire that resulted in property damage and personal injuries," city officials wrote in a filing submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission.

Here's how an autonomous vehicle pulls over for a police car

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The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is available with the latest version of GM's hands-free Super Cruise highway driving aid. Fox News Autos Editor Gary Gastelu lets it take him for a ride. Where's RoboCop when you need him? A Cruise autonomous car fleet is being tested as a taxi service in San Francisco. A San Francisco police patrol was befuddled one night in early April when it pulled over a Chevrolet Bolt EV with its headlights off only to discover the driver's seat was empty.

Self-driving car PULLED OVER and ticketed in San Francisco after getting 'too close' to pedestrian

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A self-driving car in San Francisco appears to have gotten itself into quite the predicament. Police pulled over the GM Cruise vehicle last week after it appeared to get too close to a pedestrian, according to KPIX. And, it was issued a ticket just like any other driver. Cruise denies the car did anything wrong, citing data collected by the vehicle that shows it was nearly 11 feet away from the person at the time. Police pulled over a GM Cruise vehicle last week after it appeared to get too close to a pedestrian, according to KPIX .