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Building Talent in the Hybrid Workplace


The future of the workplace is hybrid. Learn how accelerating your workforce's technical and personal skills provides a rock-solid foundation for success through evolutions in the way people work. Also discover different options for training to fit your learning style, schedule, and lifestyle. What is the hybrid workplace? Many people have traditionally worked in a cubicle…in an office building…that they commuted to from their homes.

Critical SMB secret to success: continuous talent training


Within the small and medium business (SMB) market, digitalization can be a massive differentiator and survival strategy all-in-one. Explore the trade-offs that innovative SMBs consider when deciding how to protect, grow, and capture customers in the new digital marketplace--and how implementing continuous learning programs are foundational to that success. SMBs are the backbones of the world economies and global workforce. They often face stiff competition not only from other competitors of the same size, but also from bigger companies looking to capture new markets. What makes it even more challenging is that SMBs often have fewer resources than larger enterprises when it comes to budgets and workforces.

4 Benefits of mobile learning for your company MATRIX Blog


Everyone wants the best on the market when it comes to employees, that's why headhunting companies are still in business and HR professionals spend so much time organizing multi-stage interviews and pre-employment tests. But even if the best selection method is applied, probably they won't find professionals that are tailor-made for the company's needs. No matter how good prospects are, they will need to learn about the company, about its culture, and they will need to develop their current knowledge in order to adapt it to the needs of their new organization. New employees aren't the only ones who need learning. In the dynamic environment in which we are living, all of us will need to learn something new eventually, and learn it fast if we want to remain sharp and be the most valuable asset of our team.

The Human Angle


In a future teeming with robots and artificial intelligence, humans seem to be on the verge of being crowded out. But in reality the opposite is true.

Best online human resources doctorate 2021: Top picks


Human resource managers plan, coordinate, and direct staff recruitment and retention processes for organizations, businesses, and agencies. These professionals function as a link between employees and management. Large companies employ HR professionals as labor relations directors, compensation and benefit managers, and training and development specialists. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% increase in employment for human resource managers between 2020 and 2030, which points to a promising future in this profession. HR leaders should be in demand to navigate changing employment laws and cultures, along with complex healthcare and retirement plans.